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Orange you glad you aren't trying to match this scheme?

July 24, 2014 · in Aviation · 17 · 1.1K

So I am well on the way to what I am currently calling the "clownfish" scheme for my HU-16C. White, yellow and fluorescent orange are done. I may "red" up the orange a bit, but looking at the two color pictures of the scheme on two different birds, I may be close enough. The picture of the Brunswick bird in the Ginter HU-16 book is hard to judge the color by so I did not include it. What do you all think? A tad more red, or leave it be? I also may wait until it is ALL painted and see what the engine grey does for color shift in the whole mix.

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  1. If you want it to look like the one in the yard I'd stop there. The one in service doesn't look like it has nearly as much red in it. But who knows how the light is affecting their appearance.

  2. Yes Al I think you may be right and, once the other colors are applied, decals and some light weathering I think it will tone down the "ba bam" effect of the colors. So far a fun scheme to paint, but challenging as far as masking goes!

  3. It's orange. Leave it. Both pics look quite faded.

  4. Rob think you've got the orange pretty well nailed, i would mess with it to much. She's looking good, your persistence is paying off.

  5. Looks good Rob - it takes gumption to even try a scheme like that, I'd say. I look forward to more pics as it gets done - thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for all the input guys! I shall leave the color be and press on!

  7. Looking good from my point, Trumpy 1/48 ? Not a small one ...

  8. Leave it be…..maybe it will fade over time by itself. Nice looking in either case, wish I had the space for models that size.

  9. Yes Bernd it is the 1/48 Trumpeter kit. I corrected the canopy using the Alley Cat conversion set (the canopy is only part of the set that is usable, the fuselage sections are pure c**p and a waste of good money), I adjusted the angle of the floats and added the "cheek" bulges below the canopy. I will be using the Caracal UF-1/HU-16C decal set and spares from my decal box to build the bird in the scrapyard when it was still operational at NAS Brunswick Maine in 1969.

  10. just build it you torture over every model like this...start out flat yellow and build up super thin coats of orange and gloss mix till your happy with it...or put a drop of white in some clear gloss and knock it's not rocket science...quit fretting like an old lady...that won't make it any better...5 posts before you apply the first coat of paint...sheesh get it in gear man

  11. Nice ! Just take your time and viola ! It will be done !

  12. Yes I torture myself over most kits like this. Must have come from when my company commander made me eat that tag I missed removing from the inside of a T shirt in boot camp, attention to detail suddenly became very important 🙂 That's why I keep saying my "next" kit must be something just for fun 🙂

  13. i'm glad you took it in the spirit it was intended rob...i was talking to you more like a navy buddy or wife looked at the post and said holy guacamole...i thought i was going to have to issue a formal apology...that model is looking quite fine...i love the way the engines sit...and that is a marvelous scheme

  14. I figured you were busting on me in a friendly way, I mean this isn't a certain "other" modeling forum after all 🙂

  15. that's right...i would never say anything to hurt anyone on purpose...but i manage to none the less...i.m a 35 year ironworker and most of them have about as much feelings as a marine D.I...about 20 years ago either fine scale modeler or scale modeler ran the monogram in this scheme [ a cubi pt. bird] and i have never forgotten it

  16. The Cubi point birds are nice, they are long wing versions of the HU-16

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