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Retired US Navy Senior Chief working as a production supervisor in Seattle.

A fun kit from start to finish! Or “Orange you glad Round 2 re-pops the classics?”

What a fun kit, certainly had some challenges, the biggest being that the instructions have you install the chain and sprockets before you paint the frame. I simply did kind of what you would do on a real bike, separated the chain and slipped t[...]

While I’m on an S-3 roll (Thanks Drew!)

The Iraqi Freedom cruise saw many firsts for the S-3 community, being the first time squadrons deployed with both the SLAM-ER (standard land attack missile extended range) and Maverick missile. For VS-38 we made history by being the only S-3 sq[...]

Drews beautiful S-3 brought back many memories and a funny story

First this is a picture from my 2nd cruise in VS-38. We are launching during flight operations during Iraqi Freedom, Spring 2003. I am the guy in the khaki pants, I was flight deck coordinator for the squadron during that cruise. Connie was t[...]

Let’s try this again…

I have a thing for the Panther G, those who followed my now "paused" build of the RFM Panther will understand this. I still plan on tackling that beast again after I figure out how to deal with some of the kits problems, the biggest being the f[...]

Creepy Crawly…DONE!

What a fun kit! The final assembly fought me a bit as the windshield did not fit well, but I got it in and some future brushed on with a soft brush cleared it up. I left off the radiator that sits in the middle of the body on top, as I felt it[...]

I want candy…Lime Green!

So the T'Rantula is coming along well. The engine is built, and the body assembled and painted Tamiya Candy Lime Green, over Tamiya Gold, both decanted from the spray can. I decided to add some spider webs. The kit comes with one spider web d[...]

Creepy crawlies…

I won't be doing a blow by blow, but here is just what the Dr ordered after a long detailed build like the Tomcat I just finished. A good old Monogram Tom Daniel kit...More to come later!


Well here she is, Victory 201 COs bird, VF-84, USS Theodore Roosevelt 1989 Maiden Voyage cruise. This is a wonderful kit, but I would say it is not one of Tamiya's shake-n-bake kits. Like their 1/32 P-51, you really need to pay attention to cl[...]

Help looking at a Tomcat scheme

So I posted on the "other" modeling site and got some mixed answers. I have kinda switched horses in mid stream and plan (unless I don't......!) on making this VF-154 F-14A from my years in CAG 5 aboard USS Independence. The decal instructions[...]

Eject! Eject! Eject! Jolly Rogers F-14A continues

Chuck has an excellent review of this kit today, and I can tell you it builds like a dream. One area it needs attention from though is the seats. I bought Eduard Brassin seats, modified the cushions to the non-ribbed type, added a few missing [...]