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Retired US Navy Senior Chief working as a production supervisor in Seattle.

Preview of coming attractions....

Now that I'm done with my Corsair time for a build near and dear to my heart. From November 1992 to Summer of 1997 I spent more time aboard The USS Independence as an Aviation Electrician's Mate in VAW 115, CVW-5, sailing out of Yokosuka [...]

Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1A Jim Sullivan memorial group build

Had a lot of fun with this one. Tried new things like using pastels on an aircraft fuselage for weathering, I had done exhausts just not the whole airframe before, cut out wing tip lenses and used clear sprue for new ones. I found the [...]

They still make model cars in the USA

Salvanos JR Models is a company that molds NASCAR kits mostly from the glory days. Designed in Texas and molded in California they are limited run, but very well made. This kit started out as a Richard Petty '73 Charger, but a couple of [...]

Interesting national insignia on Marine Corsairs

So as I work on my Richard Petty '73 Charger (more on that later!) I am researching my next build, Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1A Corsair. I figured I'd do a Marine bird, so I started looking at pictures and stumbled across some birds with no [...]

Let's see your vintage kit builds

Tom's most excellent build of Aurora's Red Knight made me think maybe folks would like to share their vintage kit builds. These have all been seen here before, and are not all my vintage builds. Some are true antique kits, others [...]

Incom T-65B X-Wing Starfighter

My daughter got me this beauty for Christmas and I dove right in. It is the Bandai 1/72 "X-Wing Starfighter" boxing of the X-wing as seen in Episode IV, the first movie and to me still the best. If like me you have never built [...]

One more for the year

Vintage Tamiya 1/25 Metal Figure. This issue was from 2003, but the molds are from the 70s I do believe. This was the time they were releasing their range of 1/25 scale Tanks. I added the insignia on the helmet with home made decals, [...]

Year in review, let's see yours too!

I always enjoy year in review posts. I have a figure I may get in before the 31st, but if I do I will add it later Here is my year. Revell box scale X-3, Monogram "white box" 1/48 FW-190, Monogram Sand Crab, one and only issue, [...]

58 year old Hurricane

Those who have seen my posts here know I have a love of vintage Monogram kits, all vintage kits really, but especially Monogram. I always try and get as close to the original release date of a kit as I can find, and afford since the molds [...]

When I close my eyes I see teeeny tiiiny stencils.....Tamiya 1/48 F-4B

I won't add much to the narrative of what a great kit this is, but one feature I really enjoyed was the folded wing option. I used Furball decals for the VF-84 markings (anyone else think their national insignia is too light of a blue?) [...]