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Retired US Navy Senior Chief working as a production supervisor in Seattle.

Checkertail Clan Mustang progress

Seems like forever since I posted! Well here is progress on the cockpit, Barracuda Cast seat, and radios and battery. Eduard "Look" instrument panel. The seatbelts were a quandary. I had some Eduard PE ones from a failed Dragon P-51 build, b[...]

End of the year, clean up and new project

Well, having just finished my 1/32 A-1, I was less than satisfied with the build. Turned out great, but I didn't enjoy it much. I thought about it and it was the same for the past few larger builds I had done. I decided one thing was my workb[...]

It’s that time of year to post your builds, lockdown builds? At any rate, here is my 2020

I was blessed (though at times it was kinda scary) to not ever have been locked down, as I work in an essential industry (dry wall manufacturing, nothing too exciting!) so I did not build as many kits as some who were forced to shelter in place.[...]

There’s a Spad under the tree!

Well, this was a journey. Trumpeter's A-1H has its strong points and weak points. many of which have been written about by myself and others. So I will not belabor them here. Would I recommend this kit? Well, if you want a 1/32 A-1H without t[...]

I’m getting “exhausted” with this build

Continuing with the A-1H. One thing that is notable about most pictures of Skyraiders is the heavy exhaust staining and general grime on the aircraft. I did mine using a combination of pastels and airbrush. Footprints and stains on the wing a[...]

Making progress on the Trumpeter Spad

The pilot and canopy are set in place for the pictures, can't say I have enjoyed the build. Fiddly, and the instructions leave a lot to be desired, but so far I like how it is turning out.

So I had this crazy idea

Posted this in a couple of places. I have the Tamiya 1/32 P-51K kit, it comes with rocket tubes and the correct drop tanks to paint red. I always loved this box art that is loosely based on Arctic birds based in Keflavik. What if I made a mod[...]

PTO builds you say?

I'm in with my classic Monogram SBD, built as close to intended by the gang in Morton Grove as I could, then my Monogram TBD, with some scratchbuilt details, and my Tamiya 1/32 Corsair! I actually think the SBD is my favorite, brought back sooo[...]

So you want to be a Naval Aviator?

I haven't posted in a bit as I continue on with my Trumpeter A-1H build. I decided I wanted a pilot in the cockpit, but my choices in 1/32 were pretty much.....nadda. The ZM pilot is hard to find, and not all that great. Aerobonus does howeve[...]

Skyraider R3350-Duplex Cyclone Engine, jigsaw puzzle from Trumpeter!

So, I hope the rest of the instructions are better than the engine instructions! Some trial and error and leaving out a part that can't be seen that interfered with the whole works and I got her together. Thankfully there are lots of pictures [...]