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Amodel 1/32 Nieuport-XI

August 4, 2014 · in Aviation · · 23 · 5.1K

Hello! Represented his a fresh model, Nieuport-11 from the company . Not a very good cast, but decent the copy. Color option is selected a typical airplane construction plant Dux, about 1916.
Everyone enjoy!

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  1. Simply outstanding Maxim. As usual the overall finish is pretty close to being unbelievable.
    Didn't know Amodel offered 1/32nd kits.

  2. said on August 4, 2014 WW1 stringer-types are awesome. Your XI is special...the finish takes on a level of realism rarely seen in a model a/c. Wonderful work.

  3. This is supposed to be "...not very good..." ? I can't tell. Yet another excellent build, are all your previous examples.

  4. That is a very nicely done plane! I have a soft spot for Russian Nieuports and yours is really good.

  5. Another great build Maxim! Impressive work and a joy to look at. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great job! Superb!

    Best regards, Vlad

  7. Beautiful model. Whatever you want to say about the kit, I can tell you it obviously makes up better than the Special Hobby 1/32 Nieuport 11.

  8. Amazing build and finish Maxim. Very appropriate too given the 100 anniversary of WW1.

  9. Thanks to all colleagues for such flattering comments!))

  10. `Gorgeous plane, I especially like the fuselage staining!

  11. Stunning Maxim, not a lot more to be added.
    A very well done.

  12. As usual, Maxim, you take an 'average' kit and make it something special. Well done.

  13. Mxim, you are an amazing talent-great detail and perspective, this Nieuport-XI is really a beautiful model. Many thanks for posting!

  14. Another magnificent model from you!

  15. Thank you, colleagues, I am very pleased!

  16. Maxim,
    You are a master. I have enjoyed everyone of your posts.

  17. Excellent, stunning work !

  18. maxim, can you please give me some info on weathering techniques - material used and how applied. love the dux nieuport covered this type in my book on the imperial Russian air service

    • Hello, Alan! Firstly, thanks for your book on the Russian aviation)).

      According to the model - here's a link to its construction, you can find something interesting for yourself. And he better to see once than to read a hundred times)).

      A painted model as follows:

      1 Pre-shading- dark brown in the corners, joints, ribs.

      2 lower wing surface - disguised ribs ribs and blew out the entire model base color (the base layer - acrylic Tamiya XF-16, plus a little light gray and brown). Then he took off his mask and blew another base color so that the ribs were a little seen.

      3 Post-shading - the upper surfaces of the wings, the allocation of the ribs.

      4 Coating wood - the front part of the fuselage and strut. Base - spray Deck Tan, the tree - Tamiya enamel on top of everything is fixed Clear Orange.

      5 Decals

      6 varnish layer - Futura plus Microscale

      7 Dry brush - on faces, different shades of brown

      8 Filter - Tamiya alkyd enamel, mainly the fuselage. The technology is very similar to the color of armor;).

      9 And the final touch - blow somewhere Smoke from Tamiya- dirt, soot, exhaust. Оn wheels - pigment.

      Something like this, for sure it was something else, I do not remember now))

      • maxim,

        thanks for comment on book. I really enjoyed that project very much. wanted to honor all those wonderful world war one Russian aviators. too little written about them. I hope you will build some more 19th or 7th corps aircraft one day- so many wonderful pilots , or perhaps a sikorsky bomber , or grigorovich naval type

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