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20th Plastic model showNitra's Major Grand Prix

October 20, 2014 · in Show Reports · 13 · 1.7K

Shiny weather, gentle temperature and golden leafs falling from the trees ... and many many nice models, that was Saturday in Nitra, Slovakia, where the local club MK ZOBOR held 20th Nitra's Major Grand Prix.
Visitor could see over 520 of plastic models and more than 300 of paper models from Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Hungary and other countries, which is a new record in the history of the competition! One of the most impressive models was 1:2 Terminator model made from the paper and over 1 m high port crane, visible from any place in the hall... We were very happy to welcome also very talented juniors with their first kits and encourage them to build next ones, bring them next year and - some day - become a famous modeller!
For me, this was the first time to try the judge role and I was a bit nervous as the tables were becoming more and more full of various and excellent kits. After all, I know we did the best and chose the models which were on the top.
I hope that we welcome some of the competitors here soon, and their excellent builds too.
And, if somebody is reading the article and would like to come next year, please do so, you are very welcome! And if you are a carrier aircraft enthusiast like me, please bring your models for sure. Now please enjoy few photos from the competition.

For me personally the highlights were:
L-39 Albatros

Su-27 Flanker

PBY Catalina

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13 responses

  1. Martin:

       Thank you for posting this for us.  

    Really marvelous builds, makes me envious.
    Who did the bunch of WW I builds? 1/72?
    If you know any of these folks, give them my congratulations.
    We've got a show here in November, and I hope we have as fine a group of models, and of all sorts.



  2. That Stuka is the BEST!

  3. Some great talent on show there Martin.
    Thanks for posting some good pics.
    Looks like you had a hard time.

  4. Absolutely stunning workmanship on display there, Martin. I don't envy those judges (but I DO envy those modelers...I wouldn't have stood a chance)!

  5. What a collection of great talent. I would have not want to be a judge with all those fine models. And I have to say. I have never seen cooler trophy's! Wow those are pretty. I attended a very famous show recently here in Southern California and the trophy's were these strange blocks of square wood. Not that anyone complained, but Wow.
    Thanks for posting,
    California Steve

  6. Great looking models. As you say the Flanker is superb, as are the Cataliba and Stuka. The Tatra 815 is also worth noting. We have a Polish modeller in our club who models in paper - he did the Russian sub Kursk and it was a metre in length but weighed about the same as a pair of shoes. Took a year to build.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Martin, so much talent ! Its hard to pick out a favorite.
    Never was on a show like that

    • This was just a small show in Nitra. I am going to compete to Bratislava in Nov, the show there is bigger with many interesting workshops and also Mosonmagyarovar is close, the show there is trully international and the biggest I have ever been. Highly recommended to everybody!

  8. Excellent models built to a very high standard. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. thanks !
    I love the Flanker and Terminator !

  10. Thanks for posting these pictures, Martin, looks like you had a difficult, but enjoyable, time judging these marvelous models.

  11. Nice builds, there.
    Thank you for sharing.

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