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The Worlds (almost) smallest model. See if you can see it on the first picture….

October 19, 2014 · in Uncategorized · 24 · 1.2K

I'm putting this dio together for a friend. It is a precast base and stone road. I have added a war damaged wall to the background. But where is the model?, see the last image. Most of the time when I do a diorama for someone else I will add a little vignette, or write some graffiti on a wall with my initials. This one came to me out of nowhere.
Too much fun! Oh, It is 1/35 scale.
California Steve

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  1. So what time period/location is this diorama to be...? From the looks of that revolver, your choices are limited, aren't they?

  2. Hey Craig, How's it going. My friend is building a German tank from the Africa campaign in WWII. The gun? Probably dropped or lost there years before. Depending on the model you posed on the dio, It could be many different places. I guess even if you placed a shiny 2014 Jeep on the dio it could be a old western ghost town. Those revolvers have been around for many years. You can even buy a new one today.
    Take care Craig,
    California Steve

  3. Steve I continue to be impressed by your creativity and imagineering skills - your posts are always interesting and unique - thanks and keep 'em coming


  4. Thank you very much Ralph. I guess the flower growing through the old rusty gun could be a statement. I can't wait to see how long my friend takes to find it.
    California Steve

  5. Minimalist School I believe.. 🙂

  6. I think you are right. Let's see. It is a British revolver. I cut it from a sprue. I painted and weathered it and glued in place. Yep! a full on model. .
    Thanks Rick
    California Steve

  7. Great Steve, nice Revolver with a nice flower 🙂 ?! Hopefully the tank matches the quality of the surrounding diorama.
    Impressive !

  8. IMPRESSIVE Steve! Attention to small bits of detail always makes for a WOW moment. Well done!

  9. What, no bullets?!

  10. Really nice. Whats going on the base?

  11. Nice looking base, it's almost a shame to cover it up!

  12. You are up to it again Steve, love it.

  13. CA,
    I seen it... I seen it... I seen the flower. It's beeutiful.

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