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Model builder, Bass player. Captain KAOS from the Doctor Demento radio program. I love to build almost anything in plastic. Love scratch building. On30 railroad geek. Modifying everything I build. Sharing ideas of the hobby, and seeing what others have made magnificent.
Oh, and Chicks dig me! (from the movie Stripes)

Why do I do these things?

Warning... Do not check out the artwork of Ian McCue it will effect the way you view things. Now this was a fun one. the only problem is where to stop. I think I could have added about twelve more pounds of "stuff" to this [...]

Slightly modified Staghound. 1/35 ITALERI

Well here is my story. Some say it's true. and most say it isn't. The call was out for a rough terrain anti aircraft vehicle . At reasonable costs. Soooo, four shock absorbers, four leaf springs, and a extended steering control arm all in [...]

Porsche 962C Hasegawa

Oh no! California Steve has returned! And it's about time. Oh my how life gets in the way. All good, and I figured since seeing all the really great race car builds I would throw in my humble offerings. A basic, and I mean basic kit. But a [...]

Sound the Alarm! Sound the Alarm!—California Steve Built an Aeroplane!

This is the very old Williams F9C Sparrowhawk. I just had to go back and redo the glue bomb I put together in about 1965. Now legend has it while the glue was still drying in 65 it managed to shoot down one hundred and sixty six bad guys [...]

It Rolls!!

Here is my Entex 1/24 scale Silver Cloud II. A very basic kit done in the family colors. (of course). This was a fun but a bit laborious on the paint side. Tamiya rattle can with three coats of Future. I have added a fairly new product at [...]

I say O'l boy!... Why is everyone pointing at us with there mouths open?!!!

O this was a fun one! Seeing that the prototypes are a bit hard to find. You can really let your imagination go wild. What a great excuse for mixing every color of paint at hand. Now the green feather was taken from a feather found here [...]

It sure is fun to have the prototype to work with....Mustang!!!

Fooled ya! I'm Back after a too long vacation. Well after saving scheckles and pennies I finally bought the car I was after for many years. It's a 2006 Ford Mustang. One owner car with only 49,000 miles on her. It's a V6 but that is what [...]

Wild Strawberries

This is the Revell Type 82 E. And a nice model it is. Very basic, but goes together well. I just happened that it drove into a field of wild strawberries. I wanted to do a factory fresh version and put this together in a couple of [...]

Re-scaling a life boat. From 1/48 to G scale

I needed a better looking lifeboat for my Bristol Bay trawler (see my earlier posts) and the hull shape had to be just right for my purpose. That's when I happened upon a Glencoe U.S. Coast Guard rescue boat at a really nice price. I used [...]

Night of the Generals OK maybe the afternoon…added photo

I am trying to get better at figures. Here is a single photo of the Tamiya Generals kit. They really did a fine job at the facial features. This was a really fun day of painting. All of the Generals were sealed in dullcoat. then I went [...]