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Bandai 1/72 VF-1S Valkyrie

November 4, 2014 · in Uncategorized · · 24 · 3.7K

Robotech ( in Japan) was my favorite cartoon to watch when I was a kid. It was different then anything else I had seen before it: GI Joe, Transformers, whatever. For the first time, I saw a cartoon that was actually somewhat realistic (at least in my 9 year old mind!) and it had actual storyline and character development, with actions and consequences, and they even killed off main characters. It was like a soap opera for kids! I watched it religiously and it has always held a place in my boyish heart...

This is a kit that I have been holding onto since 1999. I finally got to start on it earlier this year and here is the result. It was meant to be a transformable kit, but as it turns out it wasn't very well engineered. The fit was less than stellar and the parts were flimsy when I transformed it to Battloid mode. Alas, I would not be playing with this one and making explosion noises once it was complete...

I happen to have an old Transformers Jetfire toy on my desk (Transformer's rip-off of Robotech's Veritech fighter) and it is in Battloid mode, as well as a Macross VF-1 imported from Japan that I have posed in Guardian mode, so I was ok with having this model stay in fighter mode.

Built mostly out of the box except for a resin K-36 Russian ejection seat that I had in my spares box, and some scrap photoetch that I added to the flat surfaces on the tail module to give it some added detail. I deviated from the kit instructions calling for a overall white main color, and painted it camouflage grey instead. I also painted the yellow trim instead of using the decals so that my yellows would all match, and I weathered it with pastels, water colors, a silver pencil and dry-brushed silver enamel. The kit decals went on smoothly using micro sol decal solution.

This is the 5th model I have managed to complete this year. It did not come out as grand as I had originally planned, but that's ok. It still starts conversations and brings back fun memories from way back in my childhood, and it looks cool enough sitting on my desk!


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  1. Not my thing, but it's certainly impressive, Ramon, and you are obviously very enthusiastic about it. Does it leave any room on your desk for any work?

  2. When I first saw your headline photo, I thought it was a " what-if " or, at the very least, a cobbled-together F-14 Tomcat on steroids. In an any event, it's an outstanding build - although totally unfamiliar to me - and very well done... (whatever it is). 🙂

  3. Very neat model from an impressive show. I was in 5th grade when it came out and was not your ordinary cartoon. In fact there were a few very grim depictions of human and Zentreadi deaths. (The most memorable being when Max's fighter explodes in the elevator on the enemy ship, taking the Zentreadi soldier out, his charred form visible in the fire.) Also the first show I remember one of the main characters getting offed.

    Skull one was definitely my favorite and the colors look spot on! White without looking white. The camouflage grey works nicely!

    If you're interested, Hasegawa has released 1/48 versions of the Valkyrie and Super Valkyrie. They are non-transformable and are very accurate to the animation and plans.

    A little side note. In Jack McKinney's novel for Booby Trap, much is explained that is left out of the show. One point being how Skull Squadron was an outgrowth of VF-84.

    Very nice Ramon!

  4. Thats great stuff Ramon, modelling has a lot of nice niches.

  5. There's a guy in our club who specialises in SciFy projects, often taking (literally) hundreds of misc parts from other kits to make up Star Wars craft, and very successfully too.

    Not personally familiar with this model or type, but nonetheless an interesting build and to a high standard.

    • Thanks Rob! there is a certain kind of freedom with sci-fi models that you dont get with military or historical models. you get to be more inventive and imaginative, and are not limited to certain versions, structures, configurations, dates and eras but instead are free to explore and create and think outside the box. you become your own limit and are free to push the boundaries as far as you want... i am not used to that kind of creative freedom because of what i usually build but it was still fun and nice to not have an ocd compulsion to have to build and paint a certain way. i bet your club mate has a very healthy creative capacity! you should invite your pal to share his work online and inspire others!

  6. Excellent Ramon. Robotech was also my favourite growing up in the Eighties. Well done. Love it!

  7. Thank you Ramon, I've seen these models built in their robot form but never in the "fighter" form. You model looks great and the finish is excellent. My Sci-Fi interests run to '50-60's spacecraft but I'll certainly give these kits another look.

  8. Not being familiar with this programme, all I can say Ramon is a wicked build mate I like it a lot.

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