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Bandai model kits

The Razor Crest

From the moment I saw the Razor Crest in the Mandalorian, I thought it would make a cool model. I’ve debated getting Revel’s 1/72 kit, but mixed reviews and its large size have me leaning against it so far. Then one day at the LHS I [...]

Bandai Zentraedi Battle Pod (Regult) 1/72 scale

Hello again, I present you with my Zentraedi Battle Pod from my all time favourite childhood anime, Robotech. This was another study in the use of chipping medium and weathering. The build was OOB, and the base is scrap wood from my [...]

Bandai AT-ST, 1/48 scale

Howdy all! I havent had something to post in a while but here is one of my latest completions. I wanted to practice my groundwork and level up my chipping skills so I put those into play with this build. I also broke the concussion [...]

Incom T-65B X-Wing Starfighter

My daughter got me this beauty for Christmas and I dove right in. It is the Bandai 1/72 "X-Wing Starfighter" boxing of the X-wing as seen in Episode IV, the first movie and to me still the best. If like me you have never built [...]

Moon Wraith: Bandai 1/100 Hazel Owsla

It’s been a while to say the least! But here is my latest build that is finally complete after a funk, then taking months to build (procrastinating, lack of motivation, then overdrive! Lol). The moon terrain is scratch built using, [...]

Razor Crest: "The Mandalorian" From Star Wars, 1/240(approx) Bandai

Razor crest, ship from the Mandalorian series, a small model, but full of details, very good fit, only 2 days work... metallic chrome rust-oleum paint, clear blue from Tamiya, clear red from Humbrol, satin black from model master , [...]

Bandai. AT-ST , 1/48 .

Bandai 1/72 X-Wing

Decided to build another Bandai Star Wars kit since I had so much fun on the last one I did. These go together really easily with no fuss which makes it a low stress build allowing me to focus most of my attention on painting and [...]

21 - BandaiIngram Special from Patlabor

A project I was really excited for but got a bit out of Mojo on because of the terrible possibility on the older Bandai kits. Thank goodness they have come such a long way and improved so much. I wanted to try and do multicolour camo on [...]

Star Destroyer from Bandai

I was also done with the Star Destroyer. Bandai, 1: 14500 scale. It had to be sealed here and there, unlike Death Star II. The real challenge is painting, these ships are usually brilliant whites in the movies (except for the Jedi [...]