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Scale Modelworld 2014 Prelude – Visiting Duxford

November 6, 2014 · in Show Reports · · 18 · 1.5K

The first day of our trip comes to an end, and an eventful day it was. It all started rather unexpectedly this morning when the first November snowfall proved troublesome enough for the airport to close down just as our plane was about to taxi out on the runway. Eventually it took full 3 hours for the weather to clear enough so that we could be brought successfully to London Stansted. In contrats to the morning's experience, England welcomed us with clear if chilly Autum weather which seemed like a most refreshing change!

Arriving at Stansted, the choice of a route for a car-bound aviation enthusiast is rather simple: Duxford is only a few minutes' drive away and going there puts you in the right direction without all the hassle of getting yourself through London. In other words, it is an obvious first stop on our journey.

To me, Duxford is a familiar sight. Even if November isn't perhaps the best time of the year to visit, this huge museum and restoration centre still offers much more to a visitor than can reasonably be covered during a day.

I remember well my first visits to the museum, the awe of experiencing its huge expanse (of an actual major World War II airbase) and the desperate stress of trying to cover every hanger and stop by every historic aircraft on display. You could literally feel the hours fly away and the battery in my camera drain out, not to mention one's aching legs!

Today is my 6th time on site, and I'm allowing this to be more leisurely experience without any given "musts". We focus on covering the entirely new Land Warfare building in the far end of the arifield, which turns out to be well worth visiting and a good competition to all the aircraft displays.

My companions on this trip are Magnus @magnusf and Anders @aisak , both old modeling friends and familiar faces from iModeler.

As the museum is closing, we're facing a two-hour drive in North-Westerly direction towards Shropshire, Telford and the picture-perfect town of Bridgnorth on Severn where we will be setting our base for the weekend.

Stay tuned for more posts from Telford during the weekend!

Concorde - after sixty years it's still magical

Schoolchildren and the Lancaster

Getting up close with the Lanc


Fighter Collection. All airworthy aircraft.

The cats

Gladiator undressed

Sally B

This Firefly will fly again!

There's always some flying going on at Duxford

The new Land Warfare Hall

That's some real Zimmerit there!

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  1. All these Swedes look alike. 🙂 WOW! that is some place alright, huge doesn't do it. A flying P-40F? That's something I didn't know existed. And did you bring that "Svenska, Stockholm" Firefly with you?

    • Actually this very Firefly had survived in an old hanger just a stone's throw from where I'm living. Acquired by the Fighter Collection some ten years ago, it may eventually become the sole airworthy Firefly in the World. An exciting prospect!

  2. Thanks for posting these, Martin, I'm starting to feel homesick! Bridgnorth is indeed a very attractive place, maybe you'll get a glimpse of the Severn Valley Railway, one of the best preserved steam railways.

  3. Thanks for the tour, Martin...having never been there, it's quite a treat. Thank you for sharing your photos - looking forward to more.

  4. I spent a cool foggy drizzly 1/2 day tromping around there last November with the IPMS 50th Anniversery tour. Not nearly enough time, I skipped the American hanger to go through the other exhibits. As you said to do it justice would take several days.
    Try not to have to much

  5. I see happy faces! Have fun you guys. This is one show I have always wanted to attend. I look forward to some more reporting.
    Wishing I was there.
    California Steve

  6. Looks like you had a great day Martin, England can be less welcoming when the weather is grim but fortunately we are having un seasonably warm temperatures just lately ,have a great weekend ,it looks like your off the leash for a few days with the boys so have fun,and if you get homesick theres always Ikea !

  7. Awesome pics. Like the TSR-2 that is in the background of one of the photos. Enjoy the experience. Duxford is a place you don't want to leave!

  8. Holy ground ! Great pictures thanks for sharing. Can t wait to see more of your visit. Hopefully this place will see me too at some time.
    Have a lot of fun !

  9. I was going to do a 'Telford Diary' and upload from the show on my iPad, but it looks like the Three Musketeers have things in hand, if the Duxford jaunt is anything to go by.

    Unfortunately chucking down rain this morning but we still plan to stop at the RAF Musuem at Cosford on the way to Telford since we can't get in the venue until 3:30 to unload our gear.

    • Hello Rob, what a coincidence, we're at the RAF Cosford right now and yes, the weather is apalling. See if I can find tou in one of the hangars!

  10. wow. duxford has changed a lot since I was there last!
    I remember being able to walk on and through that concorde as it was parked on the edge of the taxiway.
    Have a great time! One day i will be able to go to a bonafide model show. Telford would be amazing to attend.
    Dan from Bermuda.

  11. Looks like the three amigo`s are having a great time.
    Have one for us at the bar lads...

  12. that is a sweet collection

  13. in a word , JEALOUS !

  14. Maybe one day, I will get there. Thanks for posting the photos and enjoy the weekend!

  15. My favourites: the all black Swordfish and the incredible fantastic de Havilland DH 9 in the front right corner. Both under the top 5 of my next built list as the Trumpeter and WNW kits. If I'd only new how to scratch build the radar ...

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