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Telford (Captain's Log Supplemental) 1

November 10, 2014 · in Show Reports · · 15 · 2K

Further to Martin's recent series of photos, I include three files of miscellaneous images taken over the weekend, to give you a 'flavour' of the event. Any photos of the main halls themselves were taken before public admission times so only traders and club members are seen.

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  1. I looked at all your photos Rob before commenting. It looks like automotive modeling is alive & well over there. Do you know what the cream & red Classic in the photo with the young lady is?
    Thanks for posting a good variety of models.

    • Thanks Al, glad you liked the variety. It's only a sampler of what was there. I could have taken 300 photos of car subjects...

      The cream and red car is by one of our own club members. It's in fact two cars, I think one might be a Packard but not sure what the other one is. He likes to experiment and do weird stuff sometimes.

      The 'young lady' is in fact my wife, and grandmother of four boys... She WILL be pleased with your observation.

  2. Thanks for all of your photos, Rob. The diorama featuring the Skyhawk is amazing.

  3. Yes it is. He also did the kamakazi strike on the USS Missouri which sits adjacent (separate photos posted).

  4. Thanks for the pictures, a pleasure to look at, a huge line of flawless and perfect builds.

  5. I'd seen that Skyhawk diorama before...sweet! And I wonder how the modeler achieved that digital camo on the F-18...? Wow!
    So many creative models, it boggles the modeling mind (at least mine). 🙁

  6. Nice stuff. Thanks for the advert. Casemate's marketing director e-mailed me this morning that the book sold out on Saturday and they brought more in. Thanks to all of you who were there who bought it, I only wish I had been there myself to sign them for all of you. Maybe next year, if certain things in process now go well...

  7. Rob: thanks for the photos. It's almost too much to comprehend. Such variety, and skill! Maybe paint-by-number would be a better venue for me...

    • I think once you've been in the atmosphere of so many great models from all over Europe you absorb it naturally and your own mindset changes to aspire to a greater sensibility of what can be achieved. I've been a few times now and always come away with a new take on things. While there in 2013 I resolved to build to the idea of a thing rather than just to put kits together, and came up with my "Big Fish" dio which I brought back a year later to a medal.

      Never say die.

  8. Thanks for the plug, Rob! I am trying to convince my publisher that the European edition of "the Bridgebusters" should be launched at Telford next year. Maybe get them to split costs with Osprey since "The Frozen Chosen" will be there too. And of course the author should be there to sign all.

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