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AMT ’66 Nova locked and loaded.

I finally finished it. I received this kit in a plastic bag a couple of months ago right after finishing an aircraft model and I was ready for a change of pace. This is almost an OOB build as I only added the roll cage, the hood pins, the headlights, the plug wires and distributer. I stripped off the chrome from the bumpers and grill and repainted the grill with Alclad chrome. I used watch crystal cement to install the glass, leaving the driver’s window down. I relocated the exhaust and made the pipes from aluminum tubing. I adjusted the stance from the stock position. I painted it with Tamiya rattle can White Primer and Bright Orange and used the decals from the kit. I do not build a lot of cars but I am pleased how this one turned out.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses to AMT ’66 Nova locked and loaded.

  1. Nice job, Jack….I like it. Brings back memories of my car-modeling period.

  2. It’s definitely one for the cool wall, Jack, I only wish I could hear the rumble of that V-8!

  3. Well done Jack! That looks great. Love the color.
    California Steve

  4. I love the old street class dragsters, nice job.

  5. Excellent outcome Jack. You need to add an underside shot so people can see the size of that rubber living in the tubbed rear end.

  6. Didn’t take any bottom shots Al, but here is one showing the tubs.

  7. Cool car, Jack, looks great !

  8. Nice work Jack.
    I like it mate, a typical street rod you could say!!!

  9. I like it Jack especially the bright orange. I hope to see it at the next Gator Modelers meeting!

  10. sweet customization

  11. Love that color. Nice job, Jack!

    Funny story about Novas – Chevy was wondering why Novas weren’t selling too well in my part of the world (West Texas) and did a little research. What they found was that Nova (which is a type of star) in Spanish comes out like “no va”, which translated means “won’t (or will not) go”. Would you buy a car with a name like that? Not at all sure if it’s true or urban legend, but it is a good story and no one in my family has ever owned a Nova….:-)

  12. Cool motor Jack! Great engine detail and I love that steering wheel. The bonnet (hood) clips are a nice touch.

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