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Revell Porsche tractor

I ran across this little beauty in the hobby store and just had to have it. I recently finished (and posted the article for) the Cutty Sark clipper, and after all that tedious rigging I decided this would be a nice break. It is a snap-togethe[...]

1991 Honda Beat

My latest build, A 1991 Honda Beat. You won’t find one of these on your local used car lot. The Beat was never sold in the USA. A few have made their way here as grey market cars. The Beat was manufactured from 1991 to 1996. The design origi[...]

Fujimi 1/24 Porsche 911 Carrera 4

Great kit with perfect fit. I used Zero 2K primer, Zero Nordic Gold and Gravity 2K clear. All my models can be seen on Flickr:

Monogram 427 cobra sc 1:24 scale

My first of many models to come

A – 1/24 Scale Mercedes Benz/540 by Italeri.

I just posted my Rolls Royce car model so it's best that I duplicate another fancy model and like the "RR"model, I found some real photos of the "540." I have heard of the name Mercedes Benz company but what does the "540" mean? Another o.o.b. m[...]

My First Car

I got tired of building airplanes, but I still wanted to build models, so I though"Why Not A Car?" I went to "D-n-J Hobbies" in a nearby town and just wondered over to their model car section. Wow! There was lots of plastic car model kits for [...]


I built a 1/24 Scale P-51D Mustang for a client and he wanted everything scratch-built just like the real aircraft. Here are some of the 100 or more photos. The "Dallas" canopy was raised up a bit higher than the regular canopy so I just add[...]

A second Mustang ridden: Thoroughbred in British colors

Parallel to "Scooter´s Skeeter" I made a second Mustang out of the same kit. This time with retracted landing gear -and completely out of the box. Turning props have been simulated by transparent sheet and airbrush, decals are from the box. Of [...]

Tamiya Fiat 500 1/24

The Fiat "Cinquecento" (Italian for five hundred) is the iconic people's car of Italy during the 50's, 60's and 70's. It is to Italy what the Beetle is to Germany and the Mini to England. Like those classics, you still see them on the streets o[...]

AMG GT3 – Moded

This is definitely out of my comfort zone. But, what the heck! Here it is. This is my version of the AMG GT3 race car. As always, I like to give all my builds a twist in terms of design and/or configuration. The amg gt3 is no exception. My theme[...]