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Le Mans Legends...1/24 Ford GT40 P1047 Mk.II 1966

After the Lotus 72 not that long ago, my dad now finished another legendary race car. Well, it didn´t turn out "perfect", but which model does? Fujimi kit which dates back to 1989, this is the 2000 edition. Thekit decals [...]

Review: D Model 1/24 Ford Sierra Cosworth Review

Video: VW GOLF GTI Mk.1 Scale Model Car | Revell 1/24 Scale

My year’s modelling work

I managed to keep one of my new year’s resolution - no military models - and kicked off 2022 with Tamiya’s 1/12 Yamaha XV 1600. This was followed by the then new Suzuki Ecstar GSX-RR ‘20, as ridden by 2021 world champion Joan [...]

Tuk Tuk Anti-Gravity Taxi

I have been on a roll with hover vehicles since my last major 1:50 scale build. Here is one of two, anti-gravity vehicles. My version of an anti-gravity tuk-tuk taxi. A mixture of old school and sci-fi technology, with a hint of derelic [...]

26 - Revell Ferarri 308 GTB (Cut to a GTS)

An old Revell Ferrari kit, which was pretty decent. I enjoyed this build but made some mistakes on it as usual. The roof was cut off to make the GTB into the convertible GTS. Instead of the usual Ferrari Red, I chose to. go with a really [...]

Video: Building a Garage Diorama v.2 1/24 Scale Model Car Diorama

Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled MLVW

This is the Canadian Army’s now Retired. 6 wheel drive standard medium troop transport. Complete scratch built. They were built by Bombardier in the 1980s. They are based off of the Late American M35A3 truck. This model is built from the [...]

Nu Nu BMW M6 GT3, 1/24

Just to prove that I don’t just do motorcycles these days, here’s Model Nu Nu’s 1/24 kit of the BMW M6 GT3. Nu Nu are fairly new on the scene, they are based in Macau, but seem to be part of the Aoshima group. I think that the [...]

1/24 Aoshima '93 4Runner

Aoshima has long produced excellent curbside car kits that are superbly engineered and a heck of a lot of fun to build. I had to take a break from building nothing but airplanes over the last three years and this was the perfect remedy. I [...]