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REVELL 1/32 Bell UH-1H “Huey” Iroquois Vietnam 1960+

February 23, 2015 · in Aviation · · 16 · 5.3K

Last year commission build 40 year old by customer demand for this day Returned to repair .When a clean dust make some parts broken.

This is by permission chance to make some photo that can show everybody else one of my works.

Building is painful this was the original box from 1974 part alignment is disastrous Aim make some detailing and cockpit together with pilots Painting made with Gunz C colors one the best in the world at this time.decals was useless and make it print new one.


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  1. Good job making a recovery of this old kit. It looks accurate and the finishes are in keeping with machines of the era.

  2. I'm puzzled by one thing, though...the fuselage states, " United States Army", but the national insignia is unfamiliar to me (red triangle).

  3. The Army took the full color "stars & bars" and the white "Army" off its helicopters while in VN, replacing it with the black U.S. Army lettering, a tone down, on the boom/side. Wishful thinking, as you (and the folks in black pyjamas with RPGs and them cute machine guns) can see and hear them coming a long way off.

    The triangles are a unit marking, I think the colors and shapes reflecting platoons and companies within the unit . I remember seeing triangles, white and yellow ones. Long time ago...

    There was a unit called the Soc Trang Tigers, wondering if that's the reason for the tigers head? I dunno the unit or divisional designation.

    Hate to say this, but the green windshield tint on the A/C ought to be on the top, not the bottom. I could be wrong.

    I helped to build one of these for a member of the CONARC flight detachment, while at Ft. Monroe, Va. after VN. The word was out on me in the squad bay, so he asked me to help.

    Me, I was nervous every time I went up in one.

    • on the front green windshield tint was camouflage for cracking
      When customer fall kit on flor When discussion how to repair say paint it like the above green .
      customer requirements as not like kit builders.
      Again, it is satisfied with the repair as far as it was possible.

  4. Pk: The customer is ALWAYS right!
    Nice save on the Huey, and the windshield. You should be satisfied with the result.
    The museum I work for as a volunteer just restored a full sized one we got from a veterans group. I haven't seen the results yet, it's been real cold around the flightline lately.

  5. I just looked at Mornes Huey gunship. The unit patch showing in his photos is identical with that on this one, tiger with lightning flash.
    Pk- whose decals? Nekkid wimmin on airplanes stir up the brass and the crack downers. Appeals to the anarchic ex-enlisted man in me. This is a FINE example!
    Shows what we're fighting for, and it ain't Mom and apfelstrudel.

  6. Nice clean build.

  7. You did a good job with this old kit, P.k.

  8. P.K.
    Great build and great repair. Having done. Number of repairs I know they are not as easy as the initial build. I thoroughly enjoyed the above info of the various comments. I learned something from it.

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