Shizuoka 2015 #1

May 17, 2015 · in Show Reports · · 8 · 2.7K

Photos we took on May 16 during the 54th Modelling Show in Shizuoka. Part#1. Many more coming up. Don't forget to visit our blog for photos of Japanese airplanes.

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  1. Some outstanding talent there...thanks for sharing.

  2. I think I came across this show on-line a couple of years ago. Very impressed with quality of models at that show, and this year's show looks promising too.

  3. Thanks for sharing the images, but also providing the links to a wealth of information on Japanese aviation history. Very interesting reading and details. Images I have never seen before. Truly great for research in future Japanese A/C build I have planned. Again thanks for a cool website and blog.

    • A little disappointed that the Arawasi link is provided to magazines that are all sold out. Maybe a bigger print run?

      To post a link promoting your product is fine, but if there's no product avalable people could lose interest, which is a shame because the magazines are good.

      • Thank you Chuck and Rob for the comments.
        Our older magazine (not products) issues #1(2005)-11(2009) are indeed sold-out and out-of-print but we have the Extra#1 which is the first best-off with past articles, expanded, with more photos, various corrections and even extra material. This year the second will come out.
        Also notice that a brand new magazine issue will come out very very soon.
        We also have two "mooks" the first on the Sonia/Ida and the second on the Willow. The Willow is available, the firtst will be reprinted and be available before the end of this month.
        The book "Eagles of Manchukuo", the first and only on the subject in the world in any language, is available.

        We are not a "big" publishing house. We are just a bunch of fans like you doing everything on our own out of our love for the subject.

  4. Actually I'm not very impressed by the quality of the models.
    It could be the photography, it's hard to take good photos at shows, but it looks like a pretty ordinary show to me.

    • I don't know, I think the small shop diorama is well done, as is the Me262 scene. The others though are more standard fare, but that's the same in any show. The show images I saw a couple of years ago had some striking and inventive projects. As you say, the photo environment on the day makes a difference, as does the personal preferences of the photographer.

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