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What has Steve gone and done now? Sikorsky Sea Hook…………..

I have been working on this concept for a year or two. What to do with all of those retired Sea King Helicopters. Fit the front cockpit to a new air frame and wire her up..
You wouldn’t need to retrain most of the pilots to a new aircraft.
This is a smaller version of the Sky Crane. But here are some advantages.
Longer range, With the pods you could have many different configurations. Cargo, Hospital,
Troop capability with the option of parachute deployments. The ability to set down a forward observation unit with a live in barracks, along with a Jeep or motorcycles. The uses are endless.
The smaller size pod is designed to be dropped on a carrier deck and lowered by a deck elevator below.
The model.

I cut behind the cockpit and cut rearwards to remove the belly of this fish. This was used to manufacture the pod. The rear landing gear is adjustable up or down by two feet in ether direction. I added double front tires and a engineer bubble on the back of the cockpit for cargo observation.

l say it could be done.
California Steve

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26 responses to What has Steve gone and done now? Sikorsky Sea Hook…………..

  1. Great work, Steven… ya need to submit the design to Sikorsky. Who knows? You may have a job waitin’ for ya in the R&D department! 🙂

  2. Hi Steve,

    I don’t know much about the type to be honest, but this looks like you’ve applied some creative engineering to a utilitarian subject, with interesting results.

  3. its of the hook, 😛 . brutal

  4. That is a rare subject Steve and nicely done.



  5. Great work Steve.
    As usual it seems , a different idea on things.
    Well done mate.

  6. Awesome as usual Steve. You should have pitched this idea to Sikorsky!!! Very good idea!!! Great looking creation!!!

  7. Thanks for the nice words Morne. I told them I had a new way to cut up their helo’s and they hung up on me. Maybe I worded it wrong?
    OK enough bad humor.
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

  8. Nicely done mate! When I saw the first pic it looked gold plated! Just the angle I was looking at the screen though.
    Great concept and some great modelling!

  9. Gold plated? Hmmm? I might have to ship this to Danny Atree for some of his Alclad paint magic. No implications intended but were you looking through beer goggles? I know that through these unique devises some girls look gold plated. OK. I’ll stop.
    Thanks for the nice comments Richard.
    California Steve

  10. Cool project, Steve, your imagination and modelling abilities know no bounds.

  11. Nice one Steve, great idea, nicely done.

  12. Thanks for the nice comments Marc.
    California Steve

  13. You know Steve when I spent a year with Sikorsky Aircraft after Desert Storm, in Stratford. It was an unexpected path that opened up after working with the tech rep that oversaw the operation of our HH-60H’s in the desert environment. But seeing some of the concepts going on at the time, it is in 1992, the Commanche was already flying and testing, then scrapped,S-92 was on the board, etc, I did see a version of the CH-53 concept as a “sky crane variant” which never saw the light of day, don’t recall what it was called. I totally forgot about that until your Seaking project, which to me as a rotorhead makes sense. Those Skycranes in service here in So Cal, are getting long on the tooth. I see them all the time when the fire season is in full swing. Anyway what a neat project I love it.
    Fly Navy

  14. Wow Chuck, that means a lot. Thank you very much. I had a chance to get a lengthy tour of a Erickson Skycrane at a (indoor) industrial event in Long Beach years ago. They flew it in, removed the blades and rolled her in to the convention center. I think this is where this concept came to me..That and loving to kit bash. It seemed like a natural. Check out my LA Sheriff Rescue-5 N950DF that I posted a while ago on this forum
    I am glad you got a kick, and thanks again.
    California Steve

  15. CA Steve,
    You are the man. This is outstanding

  16. Hey Frank, thank you so much. It was a long and fun project. The hardest part was that first deep cut with the jewelers saw. I had everything prepped like a operating room. Ya would have been proud!.
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

  17. well done steve … thunderbirds are go lol

  18. Nice work Steve, creativity never stops.

  19. Thank you Bernd. Now if I could get one of your tanks inside…..
    California Steve

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