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Spitfire Fr. Mk. XIVe, 1/48

July 30, 2015 · in Aviation · 17 · 2.1K

After much delay, I present my just completed Spitfire FR. MK.XIVe, which is an Academy, 1/48 scale 'Special Edition Kit'.

I had great problem inbuilding as I lost the prop spinner...Plan 'B' - crafting my own, didn't get it...Plan "C" using a replacement sent to me by a generous and kind fellow Imodeler poster didn't pan out either. Alas, that one was too small in diameter at the base, being a 4 blade prop instead of 5...Plan "D" - mating that one to the 5 blade base didn't succeed desperation I searched around and for the solution, Plan "E" a Quick Boost brand resin hub/spinner with 5 blades, which arrive by mail today...

This model doesn't purport to be accurate in any way- historical, dimensional, or in its markings, it's mostly my imagineering at work. I built a Spitfire earlier this year, that was an "American Aces" kit - it had 5 different decal schemes - of course I used the one set of British ones in the kit for that. So I had American ones left over and used the for this one's insignias and a hodge-podge of spares from other kits for the rest. It is a purely fictional, late war American, Pacific Theater 'armed recon' machine...As such I consider it a completely, 100%, totally accurate and perfect representation of ...itself !...

I think my next build will be an American plane with British markings.

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  1. Oh boy now we have to have disclaimers for our builds...void where prohibited and no children or animals where harmed in the production of this model. One could always write this is a "Whiff er ". Ralph, I appreciate your candor looks like you had a little fun with this build.

    Two thumbs up.

  2. Regardless of the markings, it looks like a nice build, Ralph - and I applaud your tenacity in procuring that prop and spinner. Well worth the wait, I'd say.

  3. It's fun to let one's imagination run wild occasionally Ralph…..keeps the creative juices going. Looks like you had a good time thinking outside the box.

  4. Ralph, glad it turned out, and turned out well. Looks good in Amurikan markings. AAF operated several types of reverse lend lease or loaned RAF aircraft, so not all that unusual. I've seen at least one Spit IX, also unpainted. (think they stripped the paint) used by a staff officer. Think he had his initials on it, like an RAF Wing Commander. RHIP, what?

  5. Very nice, I actually quite like the imaginative use of painting/decals - at first glance I thought it was a Mustang & was entrigued enough to read your narrative. Well done on finding your props! I'd have been tempted to leave them off & say "the engine's running... you just can't see the props."


  6. Well worth the effort Ralph ,she turned out really nice,check out my USN Seafire you might get some inspiration,howabout a FAA F14 Tomcat...

  7. Profile Photo
    P.k said on July 31, 2015

    the only way for the Academy mk. xiv.
    I hope that soon someone makes a true Spit Mk.XIV
    and 1/48.

  8. I couldn't comment on the markings, Ralph, but you've made a neat job of this, and it's good to see you managed to resolve the problem of the "missing" prop spinner.

  9. Your model reminds me of my builds as a kid Ralph, when I felt compelled to use every decal on the sheet, even if there were markings for three schemes. Meaning, it looks like you had fun just letting your imagination run riot 🙂 In every other way it looks like a well built and painted model.

  10. said on July 31, 2015

    I like that shark mouth! Artistic license at work and it looks great. Well done!

  11. Thanks so much everyone.

    Something I try to keep in mind here:

    If it isn't fun why do it? I have too many 'serious' things to deal with in real life to get too wound up in EPS (Excess Perfection Syndrome) while building a model

    Morne I think the shark mouth came from my P-39 kit.

  12. Any American would have been excited to have this Spit as his/her mount!

    And a very nice job on the execution. I'm all about "building what I want to see," rather than having to stick to reality. Makes for a much richer display cabinet!

  13. Ralph,
    Let me just say, "I love it"

  14. Nice build.
    Reminds of a similar scheme someone did for an alternative historic line.
    Its good to sometimes build these kits with a different perspective in mind.
    Like the EPS quote.

  15. Awesome "What If" buddy!

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