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Protecting the power.

September 4, 2015 · in Diorama · 7 · 1.3K

OK I know it's a long shot as I don't if this ever actually happened but I'm currently building a diorama which will set a German AA gun on a platform protecting an electricity transformer tower. I still have some additions to put on the tower just to add a little more detail. The AA gun is now almost ready for it colour and weathering so that leaves my gun crew at rest and the base board to build. Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Hey, modeling is modeling, right? At the very least, I'll bet there isn't ANOTHER diorama like it! 🙂 Welcome to the site.

  2. Steven, great idea, and I suspect it actually happened. Important targets are protected, particularly if the enemy is focussed on them.
    I read a post recently that when we interviewed the captured German leaders, at least one mentioned that he was surprised we didn't make more of an effort to cut off their electric supply. Missed the Dambusters, huh?
    What scale is this?
    The tower is impressive, all by itself! Great and unusual idea!
    I'm looking forward to see what you do with this!

  3. Hello Steven, great idea ! Your electrical tower looks the part ! And the Vierlingsflak will do look great soon, good job so far !
    BTW: Whats happen to your field kitchen chief ?

    • My kitchen kit was finished but now resides in my local museum thanks to someone mentioning my diorama build being under way and they were looking for a new display piece. Sorry never go to post pictures on FB.

  4. Interesting project, Steven. I take it this is the Dragon Flakvierling? Any plans for figures to set things off in scale?

    You didn't mention if you'd scratchbuilt the tower. There's so much out there from Verlinden and Miniart that I lose track of what's on offer these days. Anyway, it's a convincing-looking structure.

    I look forward to seeing the completed project in due course.

    (PS remember to hollow-out the barrel muzzles.)

    • The converter tower is a verlinden kit which I purchased some ten years ago as mymskills dontmrun tomscratch building as yet. And although the plaster parts were a little warped it went together very well with very little filling required. Finding references for the tower was not easy however a fello modeller in France kindly took some shots of a tower still in use in his home town. I have still to add a light over the door and figure how to add an exterior door handle and lock plate as there is none in the kit. I haven't decided whether I'm going to some ivy growing up the none electrode sides of the tower. I will hollow out the barrels and its a tamiya gun kit as that was the only one I could get.mi also intend adding a crew at rest as well as maybe a vehicle.

  5. Who cares if it actually happened - makes for a great modeling project!

    My vote is add the ivy! I look forward to seeing the final diorama.

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