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Going to Scale Modelworld?

November 3, 2015 · in News · · 18 · 1.5K

The weekend of 7-8 November will see modelers from all over the world gather in Telford for the annual IPMS . The event is now only days away.

I will have a pleasure of joining it, looking forward to be a part of the world's greatest model show but also the opportunity to meet with old and new iModeler friends who will be coming along.

Stay tuned for a daily photo coverage of the event at iModeler during the weekend.

The companions

A trip to a modeling show is always that bit more fun with a travel party. This time, I will be teaming up with @halvarvonflake from Germany, and there's a bit of history to it. Our acquaintance began with a humble iModeler friendship request. In time, we exchanged a few ideas on email, then established contact on Skype, where Halvar was kind enough to share some interesting suggestions for the development of this community. Step-by-step, our dialogue evolved, leading to the current decision of a common trip to Telford, to connect with other members and generally promote the idea of iModeler.

I guess it is one of these cases when iModeler networking bears fruit in interesting real-life meetings. I'm getting used to that being the case, even though there's still an incredible feeling to it.

Autumn fashion arriving!

iModeler does not (yet) have a permanent stand at the show, but should anyone here wish to connect for a brief chat, here's the chance of spotting us in the crowd. Among the ca. 10,000 modelers visiting the Telford International Centre, Halvar and myself will be wearing these original iModeler T-shirts. Based on the input from last year, the 2015 iModeler tee comes in black with a prominent logo on the back - definitely easier to spot, and I must admit to being a bit fond of the design! What do you think?

We will also be participating in the traditional IPMS bring-your-own luncheon at the IPMS International stand.

Are you going to the show? Please leave a comment to let me know and we'll make sure to meet up!

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  1. Will these snappy-looking T-shirts be available for purchase to ALL members of the iModeling community?

  2. I hope one day I will attend show at Telford, always wanted to ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would like to get one of those t-shirts also, I think it is a great idea - so count me in for it ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I'll catch up with you sometime on the weekend. No shirt for me: we have our own club shirts we wear at our shows. We're in Hall 1 this year, and with extra display area as well.

  4. Sign me up, large, please.

  5. Make mine a double x , I like em loose ! Sooner or later I'm gonna make it across the pond for Telford !

  6. Wish I could be there, looking forward to seeing your pictures. Please put me down for a couple of size L t-shirts!

  7. Yet another Telford denied by work... Maybe next year.

  8. Too late to make the show this year, Nov 2016 already have a trip scheduled to Jerusalem, Israel so next year is already out, so looks like it is 2017. But I'm down for a T-shirt as well, put me down for a large. By the way they look sharp.

  9. Have a great time - will be there and will look out for you - 1 XL for me!

  10. Wish you both a lot of fun there and i am looking forward to the coming live reports !
    If the shirt and the shipping is o.K i am in ( best in XL i fear )

  11. safe journey and waiting for a reportage

  12. I will be there on Saturday with friends and family, but on Sunday my models and I will be at home on the Newbury club stand, so do let on to me if you are passing! T shirts look great BTW...!

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