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R.I.P. Edgar “Mr. Spitfire” Brooks

November 20, 2015 · in Uncategorized · · 6 · 2K

Edgar Brooks died of cancer yesterday. He was only diagnosed with it recently, when it was terminal. He went immediately into hospital,. and was gone within days. There's an argument to be made that was a blessing, but I'll argue against his departure as too damn soon (had he not had the diagnosis).

I'm sure many here have corresponded with "Mr. Spitfire," Edgar Brooks, over all things Spitfire, and some of you on the other side of "the pond" have had the privilege of knowing him in person.

Edgar was one of the first "internationals" I got to know after coming on the internet 18 years ago (time flies when you're having fun). In my experience of knowing other folks on the net who turned out great in person, I'm sure Edgar would have been on that list had I been lucky enough to get over there. There was no question he couldn't answer, and if he didn't have the answer immediately to hand, he knew where to get it and was happy to share it. Truly a scholar.

I think I'll go build a Spitfire using some of his more obscure but truly crucial information.

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  1. RIP Mr. Brooks. Makes one really painfully aware of how fragile this life is.
    Carpe Diem.

  2. The following was excerpt lifted from the Airfix Tribute Forum a few years ago, indicating the esteem in which his views were held by both modellers and Spitfire afficianados alike.

    'I trust the word of Edgar Brooks who's checked out numerous cockpits himself and there is plenty of photo evidence that I wouldn't necessarily take to be of 'dubious provenance'. When we first started discussing it we were both agreed that it was a surprise, the assumption seems to be that you are looking at the equivalent of Hu 78 when actually you are not. Edgar has since checked out documents from Supermarine and can say somewhat categorically that what we refer to as cockpit grey green was not used. Hu 78 is matched to BS381 283, a colour that was not in use by the MAP at the time. Do a search for other types and you might be surprised - this Hurricane cockpit doesn't look at all like Hu 78.'

  3. He will be sadly missed on both sides of the pond and beyond.

    RIP sir.

  4. One of the true legends of a iconic legend. "Mr. Spitfire" is so apropos. His debates on several forms over Spitfires where academic and well researched and he didn't suffer fools. One of his statements had a recollection of being machine gunned by German fighters as child. Which must have been profound impression. My understanding is that he consulted with Airfix overs some of their Spitfire projects and the results show it.

  5. I first met Edgar at the Southern Expo - Hornchurch model show a few years ago now, when I released the 1/24th scale P-40 & P-47's. We instantly became friends and regularly conversed on a Griffon Engine Spitfire project (which I am happy to announce will finally be released within the next 12-18 months). I only wish he had seen the finished article after all those plans/specifications and info he provided me to wield into this development. I only recently learned of his passing, due to a random search on the net, as I was no longer trading at shows. I was ill myself and had lost contact.

    May his memory live on in all those lives he touched, RIP my friend.

    Raymond S.Thomas (Vintage Fighter Series).

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