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Jim Sullivan's Obituary

Here's a link to Jim's obituary for those of you who might be interested. Still hard to believe he's no longer around. phil (link)

RIP Norris Graserwhat a shock!

Just heard that Norris Graser died of a heart attack this past Sunday. Man! That is such a shock! I was emailing with him 2 weeks earlier; he asked me for some ideas of "P-47s not previously done to death" from my research for [...]

RIP Admiral Don Shelton

Everyone: Just got this tonight, a NOTAM from the Golden Eagles. The rule is, "There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots." There's an exception to every rule, and Don Shelton was the [...]

Sad news...

Hello, I'm P38J's (Bob) son Bob Jr. I regret to say you've lost one fine modeler, as my father has passed on from this life. I know he would frequent this site for ideas/inspiration from all of you and maybe strut his stuff from time to [...]

Alan Bottoms 1965- 2019

Alan was Chairman, founder member and one of the driving forces behind Harrow IPMS, and a keen member and supporter of our sister club Barnet IPMS. This is a brief tribute to Alan, who died recently after a short battle with cancer. For [...]

RIP: LCOL Richard Cole – last Doolittle Raider

The last Doolittle Raider, LCOL Richard Cole, who flew the mission as Doolittle's co-pilot, died yesterday at 103. (link)

David Hannant 1930-2018

David Hanant, Scale Modeling's greatest friend, passed yesterday, August 31, after a short illness. David was my good friend for the past 20 years, since we met at the IPMS-USA Convention in San Jose in 1998. He was a strong supporter of [...]

R.I.P. Bernie

This is probably the wrong way to do this, so please forgive me. My good friend Bernie Hackett - who I "met" here on iModeler, passed away this past Monday, May 14. Bernie was a long-time iModeler guy who was full of fun, good [...]

R.I.P. John Young

Gemini III, Gemini X, Apollo X, Apollo XVI, STS1 & STS9. He was on the first manned Gemini mission, walked on the moon and the commander on the first Space Shuttle mission. In his more mortal duties he flew planes like the Cougar, the [...]

Tom Hudner died today

(link) In 1969, then-Captain Hudner was ordered by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, to go to bases where race riots had occurred, take testimony and institute reforms to "establish justice." He was able to do this [...]