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So, finally I´ve finished my Savoia . The model is Finemold´s in , a really nice kit. The Savoia was starring in the Japanese animated film "" as the leading caracter´s bright red mount. However, I chose to make mine a bit different. The Savoia S.21 is a pure piece of fantasy, it never existed in real life.

The model is painted and marked as a flying boat of the Royal Swedish Air force in the late 1920s. For the flying surfaces I used Vallejos Game color No 102, Steel grey. Engine is painted in Vallejo Model air No 56, Black grey, struts are Vallejo Model air Black No 57. Rudder was painted using Vallejo model color Flat yellow No15 and a mixture of Vallejo Model color Andrea blue and Medium blue, No 65 and No 57. Fuselage and floats were first painted in Vallejo Model air Sand No 75. After a bit of drying time a mixture of Burnt sienna and Raw umber was brushed to simulate wood. The prop got two coats of Burnt sienna. Paints and decals were given a coat of floor polish before and after decalling. The beaching gear was included in the kit, it got the wood treatment as well. A pin wash of Payne´s grey enhanced the ailerons and elevators. The radiator got a light dry brush of silver, just enough to pick out the texture. Decals came from Flying color, super products as there is no clear film that might give silvering problems.

My focus for this project was to get serious with the wood effect for a future larger scale project. I also wanted to depict a fairly clean and well kept aircraft with a lot of contrast rather than smear it with washes and faded paint.

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  1. You're not like all the other kids, are you? Anyway I like it, great wood effects. My kid is a big Miyazaki fan, he has the 1/48 Fine Molds.

  2. I have no idea what that is (besides an aircraft), but it certainly LOOKS good! 🙂

  3. You're gonna cause a lot of head scratching with this one. It looks like what the Italians were doing, and the markings are possible. 20s stuff, entirely plausable. Really fine woodwork. Thanks for the tips.

    • Thanks, Bernard. The lines of the Savoia are very elegant and do capture something Italian. The markings are per the actual instructions for the time; black crowns on a white disc, yellow/blue rudder and number on the fuselage behind the national marking. Many flying boats were painted in a blue grey shade but I chose to leave the fuselage in plain wood for the effect. There is a 1920s theme at our model show in April 2016, this will be one of my entries.

  4. Superior work, Stellan.

  5. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice clean and sharp work Stellan, and the finish sets it apart, thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. Great work, really like it! I have done one by myself, Porco Rosso version, of course 🙂

  7. The wood effect is very convincing! And the aircraft in itself also of course 🙂 ! Not too far away from the truth either considering that we had Macchi fighters of this configuration at about that time.



  8. Thanks, Magnus! If you´re happy, I´m happy. The Macchis were cool aircraft but more sticks and fabric than this one.

  9. Hi Stellan!
    Great work on the wood parts!
    I guess we both have a weakness for Italian lines...

  10. Good evening, Ulf! Thanks a lot, more wood on the way 😉 Yep, you did a good job on Pola. Merry Christmas to you, hope you have a good time with your friends.

  11. Great looking build - wonderful use of the imagination. Excellent work on the wood grain effect, like some of the other recent posts.

  12. Very kind words, Greg. Tried to hold back on effects in order to keep it a clean and tidy model.

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