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Lincoln Nitschke Military & Historical Aircraft Collection, Greenock, South Australia

This is one of those treasures you find by an accident while driving around, looking for other things. Time was never right to visit but I managed toget there in the end. Mr Nitschke opened up and explained the layout of the museum, rest was up to me. A large hangar style building of corrugated metal contained most of the collection, the rest being outside or in other smaller sheds. In the photos it looks a bit crammed…and it is. Lincoln Nitschke managed to stuff in a complete T.35A Vampire trainer and a DH Heron into the larger building and lots of fuselages and bits and pieces of other aircraft. And a mobile radar station. A sure must have for someone with an interest in aviation. You don´t come here to lok at all the high powered fighters, all huge bombers, all fuel consuming jet engines. Nor you will find classics like Spitfires och Lancasters. This is a mans dedication to what he could find of anything. A number of Ansons, Oxfords, Wirraways and I don´t know what. Oh, why not add the front section of a Fairey Battle to the list. And a Canberra bomber. Last photo shows Mr Nitschke with an RR Meteor engine. It used to power a Centurion tank, now it´s in a mobile frame. Firts time it was cranked up, it shook the buildings around so severely five framed pictures came down off the walls. Think about that before you do that at home…

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10 responses to Lincoln Nitschke Military & Historical Aircraft Collection, Greenock, South Australia

  1. Really interesting. I came across a tank museum (now closed) on the Isle of Wight and had a similar experience. Thanks for posting.

  2. Always a treat to see museum pics from other places…..thanks for posting.

  3. Thanks, Stefan. What a lovely museum! Looks nice and clean, and not all that cluttered. Love the cased dioramas, imagine seeing all that when it was going on! Clouds of Wirraways, and clumps of Battles! Me, I like clutter, as witnessed by my basement of shame.
    The curator is to be congratulated. Obviously a labor of love, and he shares it with the rest of us. Power to his elbows!

    • You´re welcome. Yes, it is very clean and tidy so a lot of time must be spent dusting and mopping. The wind was howling through some cracks so there should be a bit dust comming in at times. Aparently the nephew will take over once Mr Nitschke will retire. There are around 1 500 scale models in 1/72 to take a look at if one get tired of the real things.

  4. Stellan, always cool to find a hidden treasure. Looks like you found one here.

  5. Fabulous. I’ll have to make the trip down from Brisbane to have a look. 🙂

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