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More Man Cave Sharing........

January 3, 2016 · in How-to · · 6 · 1.6K

A little late to the party, but as you have all shown me yours, I,ll show you mine, so to speak...

For the first time ever in my life, I have my own proper man cave, a room dedicated to the one true hobby! When Tina and I moved house two years ago, one of the pre requisites was a room in which I could keep everything to do with my modelling, so I got the third bedroom in the house. I have to admit, I feel a bit spoiled! I too started out from the humble beginnings of a tackle box and kitchen table.

Bench, spray area and plenty of storage and display were key requirements, and I have plenty of all of these, though my inability to resist large kits, such as the Ju88 is going to pose a bit of a challenge.

Not all my models are on display, I rotate my best and latest ones onto the display shelves, older ones are boxed up in the loft and only come out occasionally for shows and the like.

Having a dedicated space has definitely led to an improvement in my modelling abilities, now being able to walk away and leave projects as they are on the bench. As my kids are no longer dependent upon me (other than as an occasional taxi service!) I also have more time to experiment and develop my skills, and as Tina is very encouraging towards my hobby, I get to spend more time in there. A beer, good music close by and a quiet evening is now modelling heaven!

Possible improvements will be better ventilation and extraction from my spray area. I tend to use acrylic paints exclusively, but it can still smell a bit if i have been doing a lot in one go. Lighting may also have to be improved as well.

Happy New Year,and happy modelling and man caving!

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  1. Nice to have your own "cave" Ian, and your good lady Tina supports you.
    But I would seriously sort out the ventilation when spraying, what ever you spray, it does not do much good for your tubes sir.

  2. Looks like a cozy little work area...really like your display(s) as well.

  3. Looks great, Ian, but a little ventilation is a good idea. Does it get hot in the summer, not sure where you live, but it might be a problem?

  4. Good looking work area Ian. I too am very lucky to have my own room. However I do my painting in the garage. I am a little jealous about your model stash, I guess that means its alright for me to stock up a little more.

  5. Good looking work area at your own “cave”

  6. Jelly of your cave Ian, I hope some day I'll build my own "cave". Cheers 😉

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