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Work Bench

January 16, 2016 · in Uncategorized · · 9 · 2K

Well, since there have been lots of photos of work benches, I though it was time to show my room. What looks like chaos is at least, organised chaos! This is where all my builds for Model Airplane International and Airfix Model World are built. As you can see I have a main desk and a very good chair (vitally important that bit!). To the right is my spray booth and another bench is to the right of that where I have a laptop and more space to put stuff to dry etc. Not in the shot are the studio set, which is permanently set up as I need it all the time, shelves full of finished builds and two huge book cases.

And yes - on the shelf to the left that is a German 88mm shell amongst the medals.

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  1. Now THAT'S a workbench. Nice and messy. But are you spraying in the regular part of the house? I guess you aren't married.

    • Hi Bill, yes that's a regular part of the house! It used to be a bedroom. The spray booth is excellent at removing the smell of paint and if I want to spray really smelly stuff, it has an exhaust I can put out of the window.

  2. Chaos works well for you. I always enjoy your models.

  3. That work bench sure looks cramped, Alan...not a lotta room to work your magic. But I suppose when ya come right down to it, no matter HOW big our work area is, we only use about a square foot anyhow, huh?
    And having a fireplace just to your left is a convenient place to fling the stuff that fights you to the point of giving up. lol

    • Hi Craig, well, the wide angle lens makes it look smaller than it is, the bit at the front that sticks out is about 2 feet across. It was big enough to stand the Revel 1:32 He219 on and that's a pretty big model. Your sure right about space though, really, if your organized, you don't need much at all. Junk tends to expand to the amount of space you have!
      I'm afraid the fireplace is not useable - we had to have the chimney taken down a few years back.

  4. You are the example that is not needed a big workbench to make beautiful kits !

  5. Allen, another vote for chaos! Nice fireplace! Out of curiosity, where did you get an 88 shell? Also, looks like a nice collection of medals.

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