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My New Workbench

After 20 years, finally I have a new workbench, expect to create new models in this place

Where it begins-The man hut

What is the perfect workshop that is away from the house. Assembling and painting takes place here in my little shop. Some of the stash is here as well. Only drawback is that there are no comms in the shed. Something I will plan to add [...]

My workbench.

My workbench is in my work/hobby/training room. The workbench has three stations. The computer station, where I do a lot of other work as well, the building station and the painting station. This also means that I have room to invite two [...]

Work Bench

Well, since there have been lots of photos of work benches, I though it was time to show my room. What looks like chaos is at least, organised chaos! This is where all my builds for Model Airplane International and Airfix Model World are [...]

Workshop and display cases and shelves.

I thought I'd get in the act and share my work space and display set up. In addition to what you see, I have about 150 built models stored in boxes and a stash of 200+ unbuilt. The Spitfire is a sneak peek at my current project. I built [...]

Man Cave 2015

here you go one corner of my home office/workshop, nice and warm and cozy so i can concentrate on building. have a great new years everyone !

Man Corner...

I'm a bit late to the game - took 2 weeks vaca over the holidays to spend a crowded Christmas with my 6 kids, 3 kids-in-law, one soon-to-be son-in-law, and 5 grandkids - so haven't been keeping up with posts very well! We just moved in [...]

Work bench update Lunch of Champions!

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. Two IN-N-Out Double Doubles with grilled onions fries and a light beer. (I'm on a diet) And a fresh box of GAZ-03-30 for dessert. What could be finer. The GAZ is my next project. Really detailed. The [...]

New Cave

Finally in operational building mode after 2 years of moving, construction and repairing a horrid, inept contractors (lack of) workmanship, I can return to butchering plastic. Already have moved a few things around since these pics were [...]

Workbenches and man caves

Here are some seldom seen views of the ultra secret Mexican Skunk Works, located deep in the swamps of East Texas. Not quite as neat an elegant as some, but it's been serving me well for the last 25 years. There have been many model [...]