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Historic Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth (2)

February 21, 2016 · in News · · 12 · 1.5K

As there seems to have been reasonable interest in my previous posting, I've added a second and final tranche of images, from both HMS Victory and HMS Warrior, with a selection from the museum areas themselves, as described previously.

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  1. Very impressive, Rob...any idea what scale that carrier is? And an [unusually?] beautiful day for photos as well.

  2. Not sure about the carrier's scale. I would say though that it's at least five metres in length. The aircraft look like 1/48 scale.

  3. Rob, absolutely lovely!
    I was wondering about the carrier, myself. Gannets, Fireflys, Wyverns and attendant air and deck crew, with support vehicles. Beautifully done.
    I'm an Anglophile, despite the other side of the family being Oirish.
    That underway replemishment is particularly well executed.
    I'd go nuts in there, running from one display to the next. I'd have to come back a lot, to take it all in. Same, here, only electronically.
    Thanks for doing this, it's a joy to see it all.

  4. Thanks for posting these two articles Rob. The craftsmanship in these ships both real and the models is unbelievable. I wish I was there with you to tour this magnificent museum.
    California Steve

  5. Ahhh does a sailor good to see such things! England is one place I never got to go to when I was in the Navy. Sailed through the Channel and saw the cliffs of Dover though. I wish Seattle had a Maritime Museum I could visit, seems odd there isn't being it is a port city and all.

  6. Great pics, Rob. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thanks for sharing these with us, Rob, having lived in Hampshire for most of my adult life you're making me feel quite homesick!

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