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1/48 Tamiya Douglas A-1J Skyraider

Well, here it is. , Sandy, Spad… call it as You wish, but this is the icon from Vietnam war.

I was searching for this model for some time, As long as I really wanted to get one from Zoukei Moura, You know… there is always matter of, for me, extreme high price, I really would like to get one some time… So, it came to . I get this one nasty boy, and it was real joy to build. I’ve done some scratch in cockpit, on air brakes, wheel wells…

I decided to put the pilot into cockpit, the cockpit is so small so it would be barely visible inside with the model assembled. I put some Bravo 6 decals onto the shoulder and the helmet of the pilot.

The real, but hey! the real problem with this kit was thtat this is Vietnam era plane without Napalm in the box! I was very dissapointed with that, but I didn’t want to order aftermarket Napalm, so I armed it OOB.

Whole paint job was done after the Gunze primer with Akan colors… Well, let’s hear colonel Kurtz “horror, horror, horror”… I finally managed to overcome all the problems connected with Akan. After drying they looked very well.

Whole model was put to gloss and decals… They are superb. I could cut them, slice them, I could put them to every panel… Excellent!

I did some weathering on the exhaust as I saw it on a real thing, little scratches and little oils… I armed it to the teeh, and… it took off.

Enjoy and feel free to comment, cheers!

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21 responses

  1. Fine build of a great kit. All good.

  2. Well done, Djordje (@sheol). It is hard to go wrong with a Tamiya Skyraider, and you have brought out the best in it.

  3. Very nice build, Djordje @sheol
    The armament of Skyraiders is always so impressive.

  4. Could you run your photos through "brighten"? I can't see a thing, and I know there's something to be seen there that's good.

  5. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very striking build Djordje.
    Nice application of the camouflage scheme as well as the subtle weathering.
    Very impressive underwing armament.

  6. A very nice rendition, Djordje. Bravo!

  7. It looks good, a classic kit and a great build, but I agree with Tom, the pictures are a bit dark. I took the liberty of trying to “brighten” one of them, hope you don’t mind.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. Congratulations Djordje!
    Super cool build! I love this scheme on Skyraiders!

  9. Very very nice, I have been looking at the Tamiya A-1H Navy version, This give me some serious motivation.

  10. That is one very lovely Spad! Well done.

  11. Great. Love seeing in something other than grey

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