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Macchi MC.202 Folgore (Hasegawa 1/72)

February 1, 2016 · in Aviation · · 17 · 3.7K

This model is my attempt to paint WWII Italian D2B camo pattern. I like Italian aircrafts of that time, but this camo was a blocker. Of course it should be improved, but I'm not scared anymore.

Completely OOB build, I've only added seat belts. Kit quality is good, but I think it's overpriced nowadays. Yes, it's , but there is defects and detail level is too low compared to a newer kits (and even to Italeri kit)

Painted with Gunze and Vallejo acrylics, no pre-shading was made. Weathered with oils and pigments.

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  1. Beautifully done - more so in that scale - nice work, Dmitry.

  2. Great build Dmitry, she looks swift.
    Nice camo job too.
    Well done mate.

  3. Great looking Dmitry !, especially being in the 1/72 scale.
    Your right about Hasegawa being overpriced, I understand it has to do with the importer jacking the price up. I would think by now, enough of us are resisting buying their overpriced stuff they would get the message.
    With that said, you model looks very nice, well done !

  4. Bellissimo. Nice job. If you can attend model shows you can find a lot of this type of kit for reduced prices.

  5. Hello Dmitry...very nicely done...remarkable work in 1/72nd scale.

  6. Nice work. That Sand and Spinach camo is fun to do,isn't it!

  7. Good job on the camoflage, Dmitry, definitely no need to be scared. Why do people object to paying premium prices for premium goods?

  8. Looks great! Especially love that it's 1/72, and you put nice work into weathering, wash, etc.

  9. Dmitry, beautifully done and painted. And you can do an Italian plane with out the "smoke rings". Just a pretty aircraft!

  10. Thank you for your attention and comments, friends!

  11. Really nice model. Congrats!

  12. Great looking Folgore Dimitry

  13. Good things come in small packages. The cameo on the surface (visually) looks to be simple and spartan. Given the scale and complexity of using a airbrush that is not the case. Dimitry you made it look easy. On making the complex look simple too.

    Looking forward to your next build.

    Two thumbs up.

  14. Some years ago, i messed up my Italeri Mc.202 with free hand sprayed on "smoke rings"
    You camo looks perfect and spot on, Dimitry !

  15. very good job Dmitry. Now i am building the same model. A question: I wonder if i must create machine guns holes on the wings, because i mentioned them in the box-art picture of Hasegawa. The intructions do not help.

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