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1 pontiac and 2 fords

March 28, 2016 · in Automotive · 16 · 2K

mpc 1970 pontiac bonneville convertible hawaiian licence plate is HI50-70
trumpeter 1964 falcon hawaiian licence plate is WG6-FM
amt 1971 thunderbird plain clothed patrolman's car hawaiian licence plate is bird-71

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  1. Did you paint those yourself or were they molded in those colors?

  2. i painted them myself
    for the pontiac i used krylon island splash
    the falcon i used krylon coral isle
    and the t-bird i used krylon bauhaus gold

  3. Nice looking trio

  4. All are cool, really like that falcon.

  5. Just put some price tickets on the windshields and you've got a pretty classy used car lot there, maybe call it "Mike's Model Motors"!

  6. I see a theme goin'...grass skirts showing up soon?

    Nice work!

  7. Looks like the Ford is a front wheel drive car. Very rare for the time.

  8. it is not it just because i had to put the back suspension on the front since the front suspension would not work in the front with the replacment chassis is from another car that i has to shorten

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