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“63” Corvette (snap kit)

April 20, 2016 · in Automotive · · 11 · 1.5K

So..heres my latest build it's the revell 63' Convertable sniptite kit..I've seen how some guys can make these kits look really cool with the right piant job so I thought I would try one. All I can say is these are fun little kits to take a break from the higher detail kits. It was kinda nice to take a break from using glue / building the drive train and suspension and detailing the chasis everything is molded in on the bottom pan so if you choose to detail the bottom Im sure it will look pretty good but I chose not to. About the only thing that didnt really work too well is the body fender emblem stickers, these kits have stickers in place of decals which are a bit too thick. I tried using the fender emblems, they didnt work too well for me I should have stuck with the bmf under the paint method like I did on the rear deck lid. All in all the parts were clean and fit very well..I threw this one together in about 3-4 hrs total. Painting the body and interior was about it for this kit. I used wicked colors pearl red with testors clear coat and the interior is tamyia light wood decking or something like that..I did lower the front end to give it a litte more aggressive look. I enjoyed this kit so much I'm probably gonna try out a couple more snap kits..hope you guys like it...

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  1. Good-lookin' "Vette...never woulda guessed it was a "Snap Together".

  2. Its hard to give you a "nice build" comment on a snap together model, but this looks really nice. Your paint finish once again looks super, and I like old vette's, especially when they look this good. Well done Tony !

  3. The Vette looks great and it sounds like you go a lot of enjoyment from a quick and simple project.

  4. That's a wicked Vette.

  5. Looks real sharp, great interior.

  6. WOW! This to me is one of the most beautiful Corvette design. You did a great job on this one!

  7. Hey Tony! Now just what do you mean enjoy? We are suppose to suffer our fate under the rule of the plastic Gods. OK maybe that was a little heavy. These kits are really fun. I have a couple in the small stash I have.
    Really great looking model.
    Soooo? are ya thinking Mustang?
    California Steve

  8. Thanks for the comments guys..much appreciated..I do have the 63 vette hard top and a 57 chevy snap kits not sure which is next..

  9. It's the end result that counts, Tony V, and this one looks very cool. You obviously didn't know the sad news at the time you posted this, but it makes a very apt tribute to a great artist as well.

  10. I didnt even realize that. I only heard the bad news on Saturday..Wow what a coincidence..Heres to you Prince...

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