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KC-135R Stratotanker 1/72 Italeri

April 5, 2016 · in Aviation · · 14 · 5.4K

Model is , 1281 box number, scale KC-135R/FR kit. Grey color plastic parts and engraved detailed panel lines. Not an easy kit. Parts are not symmetric. A lot of gaps between parts. And some details are missing on this big 1/72 kit so you need correct them. I tried some correction as much as my psychology permit.


  • I did some scratch build detail in the cockpit although difficult to see inside. Glareshield was detailed, engine fire switches added because they are visible from outside, thrust lever was added and seat belts. All added components are Evergreen plastic and seat belts are tamiya masking tape.

  • Landing gear bays were detailed with plastic and different size of wires.

  • Crew entry door was scratch build from evergreen plastic. Because no detail on the orijinal one.

  • Engine fan blades was built using evergreen plastic.

  • eyebrow, fuselage windows and boom operator windows were built with plexiglass plastic.

  • All big and small antennas are scratch build from plastic and cable antenna from fishing gut to make Turkish Air Force type . This antenna not included in the model.

Hope you like.
See you later.

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  1. Other than the fact that cleanliness apparently wasn't high on the Turkish Air Force's priority list, you've done a magnificent job on this difficult (as you said) model. Your attention to detail and the extensive modifications are outstanding. Well done sir - both in craftsmanship and photography.

    • cleanliness is the big problem on my model 🙂 i agree orijinal kc-135 isnt dirty like that but most enjoyfull stage is weathering while building. I cannot hold myself 🙂

  2. Beautifully done, and I can understand how such a large palette provokes getting a bit carried away with the opportunity to weather more extensively than one should! Some great detailing as well - commendable build.

  3. Wow! super work.

  4. Wow!
    Did I mention Wow! Very cool nice finish, great added detail. You should be proud and happy.

  5. Very impressive, and why shouldn't it be dirty? It looks great!

  6. That is some skillful modeling sir. The cockpit and especially wheel well detail in 1/72 is very impressive, and to my eye looks beautifully in scale. I'll bet that 4 sets of fan blades was not fun. 😉 Great looking aircraft.

  7. Thanks for your all gentlemen

  8. Lovely build Ugur, you make some really great enhancements to the kit there. Did you also remove and thin down the reinforcing strips on the rear fuselage?

  9. Hi Ray. I only removed strips on upper half of rear fuselage because there was some fitting problem near tail (where the strips placed) area. After a lot of filling and sanding steps, i have lost lot of strips. Instead of re build these strips i deleted all damaged strips. It was much easy.

  10. Hello Ugur,
    Checked it all out. Category "Master Modeler.
    This is not an easy model to build. Your color scheme is stunning.

  11. Ugur, it looks absolutely REAL! Really great work. Not often we see those markings, either. Thanks for posting this.

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