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An-26 1/72 from Amodel

July 22, 2016 · in Aviation · · 15 · 3.3K

Hello, dear modelers!
I bear on your court the work. - Russian military transport aircraft. Scale (). Objective was to construct ' done some flying ' a board with traces of operation. But without fanaticism. It has turned out or not - to judge to you.

Completions has lead the following:

  • replaced some of the antennas and sensors
  • the lights on the wing tips made of a transparent resin
  • antenna - nylon thread
  • for the first time for me on this model I tried to do rejected handlebars height, direction and ailerons. An attempt to simulate a left turn of the aircraft
  • added antistatic from the line d of 0.01 mm.
  • light bulb rear white lamp - transparent plastic
  • because the military plane, made front lights according to their locations (blue and white). They are made by drilling holes, painting color silver reflector, and fill with epoxy
  • the clamps on the exhaust pipe in the nacelle is made of self-adhesive foil windshield wipers - black beading wire
  • tubing on the landing gear - tin wire, d 0.3 mm. Clamps for it too foil.
  • technicals all homemade

Primer - Tamiya, after preshading.
The main colour was mixed by numerous photos paint Mr.color, metallic - AK Interactive and Tamiya. Pneumatics painted with Revell paint No. 9. The allocation of the joint, make a mixture of feri+water+gouache. Has clarified slightly and the labels with white paint using a dry brush. Soiled soft black pencil, worn on a cotton swab.

Enjoy watching!

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15 responses

  1. it looks real nice

  2. Very nice, subtle weathering, Dmitry. I like the idea to display the model in flight with that kind of base.

  3. Dmitry, beautifully painted, weathered , and built. Thanks for posting this, we don't get to see some aircraft as often as we'd like. Some years back, the only time we'd see something like this (the actual aircraft) would be a grainy photo taken on May Day through somebodies trenchcoat.
    This looks like the real thing, congratulations!

  4. Wow Dmitry, that is a beautiful model! Love the detailing, weathering, etc. Just excellent work!

  5. Very nice Dmitry. great looking finish.

  6. All the accolades I can think of saying have been said. I can add, however, that the photography is also top notch as well. Enjoy seeing your work. 🙂

  7. My friends, I am very glad that you like model. I really did it with love and put his soul. Probably the result of such. When you love aviation, the model does not fail)))

  8. Another elegant,tight,smart build that's been photographed well. It's great to see some Russian aircraft being modeled and modeled professionally. Another strong candidate for model of the month.

  9. You did a fantastic job, and I really like the paint and weathering! Well done!

  10. I say a first class modeling job Dmitry! I am loving this. I would love to be looking out of that starboard side blister in flight. Very cool Dmitry.

    California Steve

  11. A very cool looking model, Dmitry, your love for the subject really shows.

  12. Friends, thank you all! Every time, when I finish my next model, really, like a child playing this plane was))))) I imagine myself sitting in it, as he had said by Steve)))))

  13. Excellent job on this workhorse. The same for the photography.

  14. Profile Photo
    P.k said on July 23, 2016

    Like you work nice build & Paint

  15. Another really cool subject and build! Nicely done!

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