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CM.170.R Fouga MagisterAustrian Airforce (Kinetic)

August 10, 2016 · in Aviation · · 15 · 3.6K

The elegant trainer in the scheme of the Austrian Airforces. I build this -kit out of box, but added many scratch-parts to the cockpit.
It was a lot of fun to build, although I had to use a lot of putty. Paintjob was done with Revell-Aqua Colour Silver.
Cheers, Christian

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  1. Trainers are not my first port-of-call in modelling (I have the same opinion about the BaE Hawk) but you can't deny your skills in bringing the subject to life. Nice.

  2. Don't see many of these built and displayed here. You've certainly done this one justice! And your photography (for ALL your posts) is top notch! 🙂

  3. I've not seen one of these before, but it's a nice build!

  4. Christian, I love the airplane! Must be the first one I've seen built, other than the 72nd Airfix or Heller. Was this the one that came as two kits? I don't Think anyone else did one in 48th?
    Amazingly, Max Decal in Ireland (Uncle Bernies relatives left there after a couple of bad years for potatoes, and run ins with the authorities) has a sheet for Magisters with some real different choices.
    Rats! Now I want one. Oh, well!
    Lovely build, thanks for posting it.

    • Hi-Tech did one in 1/48 (see my review at Modeling Madness about why you don't want to touch it). AMK has released one in 1/48 that in my opinion is a lot finer in detail than the Kinetic kit. If you want, you can build it wiith all the panels open and it has complete interior and engines. Also, AMK's kit design (as others have noted with the L.29 and the MiG-31) is really good, so all of Christian's complaints about poor fit on this kit wouldn't apply. I have one I have been threatening to start. It looks excellent in the box.

      • Is the Hi-tech kit the same as Sanger or the wonderful FM kit? Yes I actually made one.

        The AMK is a stunning kit but the Kinetic is ok as evidenced by the example above. The Wingman version has some extra goddies as well.

  5. Great work, good looking aircraft

  6. Thank you very much gents for your kind feedback!
    Also want to try the AMK kit as well, I guess it will be much better engineered like the Kinetic.

  7. Nice build.
    A plane with a interesting history is the CM170 “Fouga Magister” with the construction number 359. Serving with the Austrian air force from 1960 until 1972. After the return to France the aircraft went on to serve with the Irish Air Corps until almost 2000. In a move to complete the overview of the history the aircraft was acquired and returned to Austria and displayed in the coolers it wore during its service with the Austrian Air Force. "Interesting history"

  8. Thank you Dirk for Explanation, very interesting to know also something about the history! I got a lot of Information from Pictures taken in the Luftfahrtmuseum Zeltweg by the Kitchecker-Team:

  9. Great looking Magister. After I recently finished an IAF version out of Airfix's 1/72 offering (old kit), I've seen several others posted, and I'm really falling n love with all the various schemes the Magister has worn. I may need to add some more to the collection...

  10. good looking aircraft i like your build

  11. Thank you Greg and P.k for your kind feedback, I guess I also have to build one or two more Magisters`;-)

  12. Great result on this.

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