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F-14A Tomcat "Tomcatters" (Eduard Danger Zone)

One of my favourite aircraft in one of my favourite scheme. Its the "Danger-Zone" Limited Edition from . Eduard was so nice and they used my photos as product-photos for their website/shop. Unfortunately this edition is already sold out (hope there will be a second batch).
At the moment the is taking off to a collector in germany, guess he will be very happy to add this plane to his collection!

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13 responses

  1. Also one of my favourites. Lovely job.

  2. You have a talent, wonder they used your model for publication. You do excellent work, my friend.

  3. Very nice! Modern jets are definitely my preferred subject when it comes to aviation so I'm loving these articles!

  4. Wow! Beautiful work, forever Felix.

  5. Christian, nice job on her, subtle use, nicely painted, classic markings.

  6. Very nicely done. Those VF-31 markings look great on her.

  7. Thank you very much my friends! I am also very happy with the result!

  8. Definitely looks the part, Christian, well done. I just love some of the names Eduard come up with for their special editions, my favourite being "Jugs over Germany"...

  9. Finished to perfection.

  10. Thank you very much gents!

  11. Another lovely build! Great job breaking up the usually dull gray scheme with shading and washes.

  12. Thank you very much Greg, much appreciated!

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