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Flight Line Maintenance

September 20, 2016 · in Aviation · · 8 · 1.7K

Well Here I go again I hope I got a little bit better the scene depicts a maintenance crew going over a and i also made the Flight Deck

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  1. Nice job on this, Tom...lots of creativity. I like it.

  2. Tom, how did you make the carrier deck?

    Is this the 32nd Hasegawa Hellcat? I'm a 1/48th guy, so there may be others, and the Hellcat is one of my favorites. This is a Marine nightfighter, the Navy frowned on cheesecake on the airplanes, which is another reason why I like Marine aircraft. Nekkid wimmin! I also like maintenance dios, yours is a good one. Gives the aircraft an additional reason to look at it, as does the deck setting. That must be REAL wood, so much the better. This one going to the Marine Corps League?

  3. Nice ! The pilots got the glory, the wrench turners got the work.

  4. I'm with Bernard on the nekkid wimmin! There's lots going on here, Tom, and she looks like she needs some maintenance (the plane, I mean!). If you don't mind me saying so, I think your flash photography isn't doing the best job in showing off your model. I know it's not always possible, but some natural light from a window might be more flattering. If you do want/need to continue with the flash, try putting a piece of tissue paper over the light, it might soften it a bit.

  5. Bernard It;s a 1/48 kit and yes the deck is scratch built with Balsa wood and Tommy Modelworks 1/48 deck drains.
    Thanks for your comments


  6. Tom, whose 48th Hellcat, and did the maintenance bits and open bays come with it, or did you add them from aftermarket? I thought it was the 32nd Hasegawa because that had the optional open ammo bays. The 48th figures look like Verlindens, I have the same set. The fuselage interiors? Did you paint or stain the wood? What thickness of wood are you using?

  7. Bernard It's a Hobby Boss. no the open bays were aftermarket.I dilled out the gun bays and added Teknics 1/48 Gun bay kit. then I use Engine Eduards kit I cut away some of the engine housing and added their piece. The figures are Verlinden. I painted the wood with Master model paint #2100 Singalbraun the thickness of the wood I dont know I picked up the thinest flat board and cut it in strips I hope this helps if not contact me and i will try to answer any question that you may have


  8. Thanks, Tom! You did a lot! Love that deck!

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