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Spitfire Mk.IXc – or severe case of AM (aftermarket) syndrome…

November 24, 2016 · in Aviation · · 28 · 6.3K

I admit it. I have it.

We have all been there - drooling over possibly the best plastic kit on the market but when You finally get a hold of it, it's just not good enough. Don't get me wrong - 's Spitfire in 1/48th scale is one of the best kits ever produced, it is just that i am suffering from severe AMS. So I basically bought all the possible aftermarket for it and made my life a bit more complicated.
Well, not really. To be honest, even with all this extra stuff incorporated, it is still a very pleasurable build, it will just take a bit longer to finish it. OK, flaps really test my modelling skills, and cockpit was not really simple to install, but everything else fit like a glove.
At that point You are wondering what aftermarket did I use... this:

- engine, wheels and radio compartment
-Eduard PE set and flaps
-Aires gunbays
- stencils and seatbelts
-DOC spinner and propellers
-Master hispano barrels

I did some scrathbuilding as well - inspection panels were opened and interior of them was creaded using some wires and plasticard. Model is painted it with Mr.Color RAF paints, which sadly are available as a set only and some of the markings were sprayed using home made masks. I always had a Czech spitfire on my mind, so I made one flown by Otto Smik, CO of B Flight, No. 312 Squadron.
Do I plan to build another one? I might, but strictly OOB. If they finally put those anti AMS pills on the market.

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  1. My that's a pretty Spit. Well done Grega. BTY, the cure for AMS is to have the wife or SO take away the credit cards as well as the check book, works every time I'm told.

  2. Thanks Tom. I can justify one kit per year this to my wife as she buys at least two handbags per year. 😀 Or is this just an excuse?

  3. To be honest I've seen enough Spitfire models to last me a lifetime, but, this one looks exceptional! My wife buys more shoes and handbags than I buy models...

  4. Great result, Grega. If you're going to build an iconic type, you may as well push the boat out.

    It's a beauty.

  5. Its really a beauty Grega. As I got older and the kits have gotten better,
    I am finally getting over my AMS.

  6. Oh my gosh, that is wonderful. I thought it was Tamiya 1/32!

  7. I've never been a big proponent of a lot of after market stuff (which, in many cases, ends up costing more than the kit did). However, one has to be impressed with the results you show here. Outstanding work, Grega.

  8. Grega, You've not only built a nice model, you've made it very interesting to look at. Very nice work !

  9. Absolutely magnificent work!

  10. The detail in your Spitfire is AMAZING ! The photography is first class too...

  11. I'm loving this Greg, exceptional work. She's a beauty. 1st class. And yes great photography too 🙂

  12. That bird is chock-full of great detail Grega! Beautiful Spitfire you've got there. That's one of the neatest done examples I've ever seen. How in the world did you fit it all in so well? My hat's off to you sir! 🙂

    • Thanks. About the photography... I will do a small how to about photographing your models. But in short - i use black or white paper as a background You will need a tripod of some sort as well. For lighting - i use normal desk lamps - one on the left side and the other of the right side of the shooting space. Normal 100W daylight bulbs. I also place a piece of baking sheet over the lamps to help diffuse the light source (that way you will get softer shades)

      For camera settings: I use Panasonic DMC-G5 camera. Set Your white balance first, Iso as low as possible (ISO200 is ok), apreture - around 16, shutter speed - well depends of the light conditions, but it is going to be pretty long so you will need a tripod. Never use Auto, never use flash. Go to manual mode and work it from there. Here is a photo of my setup.
      Hope that helps.

  13. Could you please give us more info about your photography? It's just superb. Camera? Lights? I'd like to step up my own photo efforts and would love to learn more about how you do yours. Thanks, Gary

  14. Very very nice, I like this build. Well done.

  15. A strong candidate for modeler of the month and a model worthy of wearing the mantle of museum quality. Something you'd see in a magazine too. Two thumbs up Grega X

    • Don't exagerate. But thank You. Hopefully this will be published in amagazine, so I wasn't able to post in progress photos and detailed build article. But after publishing, I promise I will make a proper build log.

      • Sometimes a compliment from a stranger who's not prejudiced is worth taking. Grega at your level ...what screws up the photos are the dust particles on the model. I don't see any. One could niggle on the flaps being down or what ever but, you've payed attention to the fine details. Did you paint the upper wing roundels? I don't see any silvering.

        • Thanks for compliment. This model was a test of how far I am able to go. I know the flaps shouldn't be in "down position", but I wanted to present the kit in "exploded" state. 😀 The roundels are decals, I've painted the letters DU-N and used HGW wet transfers for stencils. They are great, no decal film whatsoever. Before decals, I put down a nice coat of gloss clear, and then use decal solutions when decaling. You shouldn't get any silvering ever. Hope that helps!

  16. I'm repeating my comment form our private conversation:
    Now I see, you are a mighty wizard from a foreign galaxy.

  17. Outstanding work!

    Nice paint TO!


  18. This belongs as the centerpiece of a diorama. Really excellent work.

  19. Beautiful! This is one reason I stay with 1/72 scale - I'm not overly tempted to buy much AM stuff! (don't get me wrong - I know it's out there and I've seen it done, but at my age with my eyes, I don't get tempted...)

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