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Storm Griffin

November 1, 2016 · in Figures · · 27 · 2.3K

Beautifully sculpted by Pedro Fernandez for , and marketed by them as "Storm Griffon," this 54mm (1:32) figure vignette in grey resin comes with a small 'rocky mount' base which I extended using shale brick.

I added a few gnarled looking trees that seemed right for such a place, and a few skulls for atmosphere.

The actual support base is a large cork stopper wrapped in copper embossing sheet. I gave the metal a little character by pressing various random shapes into the surface from the back, adding thicker sections as vertical straps, and then piercing these with brass pins for effect. I used Bronze and Steel metallics, then polished with graphite powder.

Although 'griffon' is an accepted spelling of the word, I personally prefer the more standard 'griffin,' hence the change; and too, 'griffon' is in fact a pedigree dog breed in Belgium, which might be confusing at first glance!

Paints used - primarily for blocking out colour sections, with artist oils for finishing details, followed by a coat of Artists Matte Varnish overall, and lastly a mist coat of Army Painter Anti-Shine Varnish.

An unusual project, and one whose visual impact seems somehow greater than its actual scale.

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  1. As soon as I saw the image, I expected to see your name beneath the title! You do such amazing and excellent paint work on your sculptures and dioramas, and always add those extra touches (like the trees and skulls) to bring more dimension to your projects. I love seeing your work. Another excellent result!

  2. I felt the same thing as Greg when I saw it...a true work of art, sir.

  3. Rob, another extraordinary piece of work, I could go on and on about the finish and color detail here, but to keep it simple. This is excellent.
    (I think that thing he's riding use to go to my school, she sat a few rows behind me in class).

  4. Thanks, Terry. Your school sounds scary.

  5. Nice one Rob.

  6. You've done it again sir, great job.

  7. Wow Rob ! Your attention to detail is amazing. Well done sir.

  8. Rob this is real modeling art! That would sure look great on my mantle.
    Superb Rob.
    California Steve

  9. Beautiful Rob ! The painting is really amazing on this presentation.

  10. Not much to add. Great paintwork and Diorama.
    The colourful wings I like most.

  11. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice work and finish on this one Rob. The use of Shale Brick on
    the base was and shows good thinking.
    Great work.

  12. Yet another fine build/paint/finish on a figure.
    Lovely work Rob, you have definitely a touch on these pieces.

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