Happy New Year, Everybody! Starting 2017 by finishing stalled 2016 projects.

January 2, 2017 · in Aviation · 15 Comments

Hey Folks,

I'm going to start 2017, by finishing up a couple projects that I had begun, in 2016.

Last part of the year was hectic, and time at the bench was just not an option. However, as the new year starts, time is freeing up, and the opportunity to get building stuff has come back around.

The first project, is Great Wall's, TBD-1 "Devastator". I am finding this kit to a very well engineered kit. It has a lot of parts, and the fit is pretty good. One thing I will point out, is that the masks they give you, SUCK! Otherwise the model is pretty darn good.

The second one is, ICM's 1:48 scale Dornier Do-17Z-2. I was very excited to see this kit on the shelf at the LHS. I bought it, got it home, and started on her straight away. The detail is nice, and the fit is pretty good too. Plus, it don't look like a flying banana like the Hobby Craft kit does. The build so far has gone well, and I'm looking forward to getting back at her too.

Third and fourth, are both the Hasegawa and Tamiya kits respectively. Both are Supermarine "Spitfires" Mk.Vb Trops. I wanted to do a comparison build between the two. Both are building well, but I do like the Tamiya kit a wee bit better. One will be in RAF markings, the other in 31st FG, USAAF markings.

That's the plan so far, and a few others I plan on as well...unless life get;s in the way again. πŸ˜‰

Regards All,

Freddie from LI

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15 responses

  1. Tally Ho!

  2. Freddie, nice selection of projects you've got there! I kinda lean to the Tamiya V myself, though the new Airfix is impressive.
    Looking forward to seeing the TBD done, I haven't seen Great Walls built, yet.
    Dornier looks quite nice!

    • I like Tamiya kits a lot...not sure who doesn't though.

      I have built the Airfix Hurricane, and she's a real beauty! I like the way Airfix is moving, great kits at reasonable prices.

      The Great Wall kit is very nice, and the ICM kit is pretty darn nice too. A very involved build too, but in a good way. Challenging.

  3. They all look like they're well on they're way to resulting in very nice builds.

  4. Off to a great start. I wish I had the same opportunity to take advantage of the New Year, but weather being wet and wild even here in So Cal, and unusually cold so I wasn't able to get a head start. Tried but just a little uncomfortable in the shop. Happy New Year

  5. Good way to start he new year. Look forward to see them completed

  6. Gotta get these TBD's done by June 4th. 75th anniversary of Midway you know.

    • Yes We Do...

      We also need a couple F4F's, SBD-3's, and a few of the Japanese aircraft. We have an Akagi in the other case... I also have all the information we'll need as far as numbering, squadrons, and the general order of battle for both sides

  7. AAAAAAAnd, I got the light grey on the lower surfaces last night.

  8. A impressive start to 2017, Frederick, let's hope you're able to keep up the good work this year.

  9. πŸ™‚ ... Greetings ... πŸ™‚ :
    Nice clean start to that model Frederick, I will be on the look out for it's final outcome.

  10. Good plan hitting the hangar queens. Last year I had 24 in various stages and manged to complete 3

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