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I have been building plastic models for most of my life Started out as a kid, got sidetracked by girls, marriage and kids, (But I never stopped building though...) then got back into it in the early 80's...

I really got serious about HOW I build after reading a Kalmbach book titled, "How to Build Scale Models" by Roscoe Creed. It's written in plain English, and it's written to someone who really had no idea how to make, "those seams go away." From there the rest is history.

Mostly I build aircraft, but I have started to dabble with some armor and ships. we'll see how that turns out!

I've met many great folks while enjoying this hobby and hopefully will meet a few more from this website. I LOVE the low key approach, and the complete lack of whining that can be seen on other sites.

Thanks for having me aboard!

The After Moving, “I gotta build something!! ” Model Build… 1:48 Scale, Hasegawa, Ki-27 Ib ‘Otsu’

My wife and I have recently moved from our home in New York to the state of Florida. With all the hoopla attached to such a move, little has been done by yours truly as far as building a models is concerned. If I recall, the last model I [...]

My Completions for the Year: The Class of 2020

This past year has been a very tough year for everyone. People being furloughed, or losing their jobs due to this pandemic. A lot of us found that we had a whole lot of free time on our hands. Not that is a great thing these days, but [...]

1:48 Scale Trumpeter Savoia-Marchetti, SM-79 Sparviero (Sparrow Hawk)

This model was a build in the making of about four, maybe five years. One of those builds that was really intriguing at first, but was a constant interest loser for the rest of the time. I'd pick it up now and again, play around with [...]

Hasegawa 1:48 Scale B7A2, Ryusei, Allied Code Named 'Grace'

Probably the last completion for 2020... Got away from the bench for a bit during the COVID shite, but I decided to clean up what is hanging about, before starting any other kits. This is Hasegawa's 1:48 scale, Aichi B7A2, Ryusei Kai, [...]

Tamiya 1:48 Scale, P-38G, "Lightning"

Calling this one done...FINALLY... After not spending time at the bench due to a lack of "Mojo", I finally sat me rump down, and got back at this kit. Tamiya's amazing P-38F/G in 1:48 scale. I will not go into a major [...]

Trumpeter 1:48 Scale SM-79 "Sparviero"

Not one of my favorite models to say the least. This one has been hanging out on the "Shelf of DOOM?" for more than a few years. Looking at it every once in a while, starting in on it...and then putting it back. Love the plane [...]

Hasegawa 1:48 Scale D7A2, Ryusei, Allied Code Named 'Grace'

Well detailed and designed kit, that is packed with detail. Built this kit straight from the box, and I still need to weather and "beat her up a tad",using thinned oils and pastels, before adding the fiddlelies. Great build, [...]

Tamiya 1:48 Scale, P-38G, "Lightning"

Just a little more weathering and I'll call her finished. Probably the best engineered model kit of all time...my opinion, but if you've built one or are building one, then I think you know what I am talking about. I will not go into [...]

Hobby Craft 1:48 Scale Morane-Saulnier Ms-406C

Hobby Craft kits... What can I say that hasn't already been said? Soft on detail, shape issues, sometimes out and out incorrect... However, they did subjects that many other main stream manufacturers did not, or would not do. While the [...]

Hasegawa, 1:48 Scale Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-4 "Wurger"

This is my latest build. Finished it about a week ago, along with the Tamiya P-38, which I still need to run the aerials on. Great kit, that really went together well. Excellent detail, throughout even if it is a little fiddley in [...]