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Hue 1968

January 21, 2017 · in Diorama · 9 Comments

Thanks for looking


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  1. Ah, FIBUA- though I'm sure there's a NEW acronym for it- bad stuff.
    I love the wall and the gate, and the figures poses go with the theme. Now I know why one of the PT events in Basic was the run, dodge, and jump.
    The moment I saw this, the Stones "Street Fighting Man" started to play in my head. Hey, the Sixties never dies!
    For the uninitiated-
    Fighting In Built Up Areas.

  2. Nice job...background on the figures?

  3. Craig they are from Hobby Fan


  4. Excellent work ! The rubble looks very convincing. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Thomas, my uncle and son where in the Marines. I've been told once a Marine always a Marine. There are no former Marines...

    Like the diorama's.

  6. Very realistic, wish I was better at figures.

  7. Another nice dio Tom!

  8. Stephen They're right There are no ex-Marines

    Semper Fi


  9. Great job there Tom. Looks good.

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