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About Marmite chipping [video]

January 29, 2017 · in How-to · 6 Comments

I've recently learned about using Marmite instead of salt as a masking medium for chipping, and I immediately fell in love with the idea. Before trying it out on my current project, I've found this very useful video tutorial from Tom Grigat. Feeling ready to go!

If anyone tried this method yet, I'd appreciate any additional advice. · on youtube

6 responses

  1. Some use Vaseline as a medium for chipping. Dab it on with a sponge, paint, swipe it off.

    • That's interesting. I'll google it. Sounds though like it's easy to grease it all over the model during handling. Marmite is much more gooey and dries sufficiently hard to withstand handling.

  2. Never heard of "Marmite", but it seems to be the "long way around the barn" to achieve the desired results. Appears to work pretty good, but I would think there would be (and are) other methods less time consuming. I'm more interesting in learning a little more about those artist pens.

    Accentuating panel lines is a "messy" method, no matter HOW one accomplishes it. And I've heard/read from various sources that these type of permanent markers are to be avoided. If these pens depicted are something other than "Magic Marker" type instruments, it would be worth looking into (at least for me).

    Thanks for the link - and if you'll notice, there are other useful videos available if one navigates the site brought up.

  3. Panel lines can be accentuated by water colour and a protective coat of clear on top.

  4. Unfortunately I can't access the video here in China. I wonder what made him think of Marmite in the first place? I've heard of people putting Marmite on their roast potatoes, but chips? I prefer cheesey chips, now, there's a thought, melt some cheese, apply little blobs of it to the model, etc... mozzerella might be best!

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