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Thoughts on a Possible Battle of Midway themed Group Build…

We will soon be upon the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway. The dates of this event will be June 4th, through June 6th, 2017. It's almost 5 months away from now.

I had an idea about another "Group Build" as a fitting tribute to the participants on both sides of the conflict. I know that we have 2 other group builds and do not want to take anything away from them. This is not the intent of this suggested Group Build. Instead I simply want to honor those who participated (on both sides) in this significant part of history.

My thoughts on this are as follows:

The end goal of this build would be to present an article with some photos of your completed work, and a little historical background of the model, during the June 4th - 6th, 2017 timeframe. Meanwhile before your build is done, please post your progress to inspire others along.

Any type of aircraft, Naval ship, Diorama, vehicle, submarine etc. would be eligible for the build, as long as the model depicted was actually somehow involved in the event. This would be open for both Japanese and American models.

This would allow for any builds such as the Grumman F4F Wildcat and TBF Avenger, Brewster F2F Buffalo, Douglas TBD Devastator and SBD Dauntless, Vought SB2U Vindicator, Martin B-26, Boeing B-17, PBY Catalina, USS Enterprise, Hornet, Yorktown aircraft carriers (and other surface ships) etc. .

On the other side of the coin would be Mitsubishi A6M Zero, Nakajima B5N Kate, Aichi D3A Val, various sea planes, IJN Hiryu, Kaga, Soryu, Akagi aircraft carriers, submarine I-168 and other various surface ships, etc. .

The diorama recently posted here entitled "U.S. Marines defend Wake Island" would fit right in here (if it was from Midway). We have numerous Jeep vehicle builds on Imodeler that would also be appropriate.

Any scale would be fine. Anyone would be welcome to join in. Anything related to the Battle of Midway... You get the idea.

The projected date of completion of your build would be somewhere around the actual 75th anniversary. We would welcome stragglers though... This should give us time to pick out a subject for building, and some time to get it finished.

As mentioned above, I would like to have the related articles posted about the builds sometime during the Midway Anniversary, similar to how we recently had the influx of Hellcats and Wildcats,

I would try to moderate the build, but I will probably ask for help from time to time.

What do you think ?

If we have a really positive response, I will start the Group Build.

These photos were all gathered from Wikipedia.

Thank you in advance.

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25 responses

  1. I'd be up for it - got 3 on the bench right now, but close to wrapping up a couple of them (one for the Water Wings GB), so could probably squeeze one in by the deadline. Helps me not to have to think about what to build next (or at least limits the range of subjects to pull from the stash)!

  2. Thanks Greg. I appreciate the quick response.

    Two votes "for". (Counting mine too )

  3. Thinking Dauntless or Devastator. That's 3.

  4. Great idea...count me in. Do the models have to be new builds or can one provide pics of already completed kits, Louis?

    • Thanks Craig for the interest. I would honestly prefer a new build. I would like to see your other Midway relatedbuilds posted up during the actual anniversary of Midway. This posting event would be open to all Imodeler members so that we can get even more models for viewing here.

    • Hey Craig. I would really like you to have at least one entry, (if not more). This is still in the early stages of discussion. Nothing is set in stone yet as to when the model was built. Please send me a PM if you want to. Thanks buddy. Louis

  5. Im in with a Fujimi Val or Monogram Devastator in 48th scale. This would be great timing to get this endeavour going.

  6. 5 and counting ! Please keep it coming...

  7. Got a Vindicator and a Wildcat in the stash, so why not?

  8. I'm in! Not a clue what I'll build but time for a bit of reading around the subject so happy to be involved.

  9. Count me in Louis, I've had a Yorktown vs Hiryu build theme rattling around in my head for a couple of months. Right now I can only say it will be aircraft related.

    • That would be perfect ! I am really starting to think this will happen... There has been a very good turn out. (Even better than I expected).

      Thanks for the response Rick.

  10. Louis - Sounds like a great idea - at this stage I am thinking Devastator

    • Excellent choice ! I built the Monogram Devastator as a kid when it was new.
      Unfortunately I didn't survive... Now I have quite a few more in the stash just waiting. I never got around to building another one. I have always liked the TBD.
      Go for it ! Thanks my friend.

  11. After a bit of research last night, I think I'm settled on a torpedo-totin' B-26 Marauder. I had no idea they participated at Midway! Found an Airfix B-26 kit in the stash, and I can steal a Mark XIII from a Devastator kit. I found a set of Starfighter Decals for Susie-Q, one of the two survivors from the attack (out of the 4 that participated).

  12. Thats a great idea, Louis !
    There are some nice kits in my stash 🙂

  13. Thanks everyone for the responses.

    I'm very pleased with the outcome of this. Because of the number of interests expressed here, I have decided to start a new "Midway" themed Group Build.

    Everyone is invited to join.

    I'm really looking forward to your entries !

    Thanks again for your feedback.


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