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500 Hours In

March 1, 2017 · in Ships · · 22 · 2K

Now three months (500 hours) into the project, and the main hull and decks are complete. From now on it's just what hangs from or rises out of the bulwarks.

Main bragging rights are the 5-plank pattern decks and the 108 individually cut (and lined) ports. The surface shine is a hard-shell gloss varnish I'm using to keep the paintwork clean just while other work continues.

I would post this in a WIP link but it's like watching a glacier melt, and thought you'd have better things to do with your time. Good news is, only 1000 hours to go!

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  1. The patience of Job, sir...

  2. Nice going Rob.
    1000 more hours, sounds like some community sentence been handed down by the local beak LOL

  3. Whew Rob - beautiful work so far! I look forward to the post-1000(+) hour reveal!

  4. Beautiful that's all I can say


  5. Classic museum build! Looking forward to seeing the completed build. I'd settle for a semicompleted build, the way you're going. That shot of the side looks like the real ship!

  6. The sad part is that Rob will need to holystone all the decks once a week after he gets it finished... 🙂

  7. So this is what you've been doing when you're not trawling the net, hope you've got plenty of rum rations at hand! Here's to the next 1,000 hours.

  8. Looking great Rob, looking forward to seeing more progress.

  9. You are going to copper the bottom, yes? Looking good.

    • Joking aside, I had a few sheets of copper foil as a test, but decided that what could actually be seen of it wouldn't justify that mountain of work. Maybe in another life.

  10. Looks very lol! I love the deck finish! What company makes this model? (You're killing me if it's scratch.)

    • Not "lol." Amazing. Stoopid auto correct!

    • It's the 1/94 Constructo version. Not a kit in the usual sense, in that it's really strips of various types of wood and a set of several plans that you have to use to (literally) create every shape/effect of the model. I decided to model it in the ship's 'fighting colours' - banded in black and yellow ochre - so again not a master ship modeller's take on the subject.

  11. My hat's off to you Rob. That is an ambitious project and I'd say you've got a good handle on her already. I suspect after another 1000 hours, we'll see a breathtaking ship model! Great work here Rob!

  12. Hat off for persistent work!
    Keep it up!

  13. Oh boy this is going to be a REAL gem when finished! Eagerly awaiting the reveal on this one Rob!

  14. I remember trying to build the Revell USS Constitution as a kid. I got about 75 percent of it done. Never finished it, sadly. Your build is simply amazing !

    I wonder if you could use "Bare Metal Foil" on the bottom to replicate the sheet copper ? Its a color they produce.

    Please keep us posted with this beauty... Patience is a virtue.

  15. Hi Rob,
    Great project. My compliments for your persistence to get it finished.

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