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P47n info needed

June 17, 2017 · in Aviation · 6 · 1K

Hi guys, I just need some info regarding the correct colour of the missiles for my Le shima based P47n "Chautaugua",the instruction sheet just says "metallic" which is a bit vague so I have gone for Mr Hobby stainless, but all the finished builds with these missiles fitted I have seen shows them painted white, so which is it to be Metallic or White ?
Cheers N

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  1. Neil, in the photo on this page, they appear to be white with red markings, but I'm sure the actual colors varied widely.

    Scroll down to about the middle of the page. I couldn't figure out how to paste the photo here...

  2. Thanks for that Jaime ,to me the picture with the white missiles has a feel of being postwar for some reason,I couldn't open the other one .
    Nice to hear from you pal ,hope you're doing well.

  3. HVARs were aluminum lacquer with OD warheads.

  4. I'm with Tom, warhead is OD, with the extreme tip NM, and the body aluminum. IMHO.
    Used to be easier back in the old days, "paint the bombs and rockets black", and the tips red. (from the book of Lindberg, 1:1) The pilot is brown, for you superdetailers.

  5. Thanks to everyone who replied.

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