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Hi,I am based in Warrington in the north west of England and usualy build 1/48 scale aircraft ,generaly WW2 and coldwar so from1939 up to around 1975 (ish !),my current main interests are anything Israeli and British fleet air arm. If anyone is interested in swapping information please feel free to get in touch.
I am a 1966 vintage and work in the Chemicals industry which is boring and usualy involves keeping some pretty nasty stuff under lock and key.
I am also a biker and am into the great outdoors, and good old fashioned rock n roll,the louder the better.

Skyhawk A4 Esci 1/48

I Know this is the second Israeli A4 today but that is purely co-incidence guys ,this is the very old Esci offering that I picked up cheap years ago and has been gathering dust ever since. I bought the decal sheet from Hannants to build the ex[...]

Help needed please ! F.S. colours

Hi all, I am hoping someone out there can help me convert some F.S. colours to Humbrol or Tamiya for my latest A4 Skyhawk project . I have an impressive decal sheet from Isradecal studio for an IAF scooter but they only quote the colours in F.S.[...]

Grumman Martlet 11 (Wildcat) ,Tamiya ,1/48

This is the Tamiya kit finished in decals from Hannants "Yanks with roundels part 2". The kit was a joy to build which it would be coming from Tamiya , I wouldn't expect anything else really . Fit was great ,the build process was logical and the[...]

WW1 Tank dio “Ready for delivery”

Hi guys, this is a dio I put together after finding the picture in a book I have, at first I was just going to build it just as in the picture but I decided it needed the loco and the figures as well to bring it to life. The Mk 1 tank and the S[...]

Vosper MTB Airfix 1/72

Another very old offering from Airfix ,but don't be misled by the vintage, this old girl has a high parts count and a lot of detail also the painting is a little complex due the deck being a different colour to the various boxes and fittings, so[...]

Angel interceptor Mk2 Airfix 1/72

O.k. my second post is a "what if " based around a kit I picked up for virtually nothing at a club day in 2019 . The guy was packing up and I saw this Airfix Typhoon in his pile of kits and bagged it for under a fiver, it is Airfix's first mould[...]

Airfix Mk1 Tank “Mother ” Dio 1/72

Hi to all of you iModellers, it's been a while since I posted anything but as I'm stuck indoors along with the rest of the world I decided it was a good time to catch up. This is my interpretation of the original picture showing the prototype Mk[...]

F4U-1A Corsair Arii 1/48

Hi all , it's been a while since my last posting but here we are. This is an Arii kit of the brilliant F4U Corsair, it seems strange for me to say that as a lifelong modeller I've never built one of these before in any scale so when I saw it on [...]

GAL Hotspur 1/72 Novo kits

This is the ancient Novo , Frog kit that I picked up for a fiver at a club day last year. I bought it for the RAF centenary G.B. and that is where it first appeared but I always thought it needed to be presented in a more interesting way, the lo[...]

Gloster Meteor F8 1/48 Airfix

Well here we are with another rendition of Airfix's new Meteor this time as you can see in markings for an aircraft flown by the Israeli airforce. It is nice to see another 1/48 Meteor available to us and I must admit to getting a little giddy w[...]