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Review: Tamiya 1/12 Yamaha RZ250 – In-Box Review

September 24, 2017 · in Reviews · · 4 · 2.1K

When first opening the box you are met with multiple bags of parts that are nicely, and firmly, placed in the box. As seen here.

There are only five total sprues of parts. One white, one chrome, one clear and two black. Also is a bag with rubber tires, hose lines and screws. The white sprue consists of most of the body parts. Chrome is the wheels, brake rotors, front forks and foot pegs. The clear includes the headlight, brake light and turn signals. The black sprues consist of the main parts for assembly. Since this is a re-issue the decals have been replaced with ones fro Cartograph. Which is a huge plus.

There are two instruction sheets included. One in English and one in Japanese.

After inspection of the parts, even though this is an older kit, the parts still are in great shape with little to no flash on them. This is pretty standard for almost any Tamiya kit that I have come across.
I am looking forward to building this one. There will be a build post coming soon.

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  1. Nice kit...that the "winner" of your recent poll? Except for that first sprue, doesn't look like there's any painting involved.

  2. Build it build it build it build it..., as far as I remember the only bits on those bikes that was chrome was the fork stanchions, the headlamp trim and the odd nut and bolt none of that other stuff, wheels ,footpeg hangers etc were either painted black or were alloy, I bet you build that boring old Harley ! (only joking ).

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