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An English Rolls Royce Phantom-II car.

The box art says that this model is made by "Italeri" and its' in 1/24th scale. All the parts were 99% free of flashing and sink marks. This car was built almost "o.o.b." just like so many of my other models. I added some wires to the engine an[...]

MiG GB – 1/48 MiG-19PM.

This is my contribution to the MiG Group Build that Sebastijan Videc was so kind to start and moderate. It’s an early Trumpeter kit from around 2004 that’s been in my stash since at least 2009. It’s a solid kit that assembled well. Apparentl[...]

8./JG 27 Black 8

Hi folks, Been on travel since my last post, so no new modeling. To warm up to one of my many started but unfinished kits, I thought I'd post a few builds from the last two years. This is Tamiya's BF 109 E4/7 kit, decorated as Black 8 of 8./JG [...]

1/25th Revell “Kurtis Midget Racer”

Double WOW!!!! I found this model on the web and bought it flat out. Why would I do that? Let's back up to 1947 as this is the answer. My cousin "Jim" came home from the Navy in late 1945 and lived with his parents in Alliance, Ohio. He got a [...]

Russian T-55 Medium Tank MI958

This tank kit is another fine example of a quality factory model. It had next to no flashing and the parts fit together with no problems. It looks like I made some hand/foot brackets from my different size's of modeling wire. They were made usin[...]

German Gun Truck

A wonderful kit to build and of course I got some more sandstone slabs to put this model on. Everything went together just fine and it was painted with my Tamiya paints. Another armor model is on its' way! Enjoy! RJW

Roundup of recent builds

Well, I realised that I hadn't uploaded my last few builds so here is what I've been working on. First up we have the new Tamiya Spitfire in 1:48. A great kit despite the errors in it. This will be featured in a new series in Model Airplane Inte[...]

A nice WW-II German Car:

This little car kit went together real nice and I don't think I had any building problems as I followed the direction's. I applied a desert/like Tamiya color of paint to the model. I clear coated the model with my Future Floor Wax, then put on[...]

Prince of Wales in 1/350 scale from Tamiya, 2nd… part

Well ... I couldn't keep the weekly updates because I meant too many things. Here is the second part of my slow work. I use Tamiya paints diluted with Tamiya Lacquer Thinner, the colour specification comes directly from the kit instructions. Nex[...]

1972 Tamiya 1/48 Ki84. Attempted stressed metal build.

Another cheap as chips kit! I grabbed this when i picked up the previous Tamiya Raiden which was also a '70's vintage kit. Being so cheap i thought i would continue my exploration of techniques and stumbled across the stressed metal look. This [...]