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USS Olympia

October 20, 2017 · in Ships · · 10 Comments

This is the old Revell . I used photo etched railings and ratlines and wood decking appliques by Artwox. The first shot is before I rigged her. Second shot is a close-up. She actually had an auxiliary sail rig.

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

10 responses

  1. Rick,I once drove past Olympia, which is moored at Philadelphia, and just u pfrom it is the S S United States, also subject of a Revell kit. Across the river is the U S S New Jersey. Quite a sight, though I've been meaning to go back.
    This is another one I've never seen done, thanks for posting it. Revell did some surprising kits, even for today. Lew and Roye Glaser ought to get a statue.

  2. Revell did produce some outstanding models, the Olympia being one of them.
    Glad you like the model.
    I hope to visit the Olympia next summer.

  3. Looks pretty good from here, my friend...I like it.

  4. I was actually able to locate the rigging diagram for the Olympia. From start to finish took close to 5-6 hours to do the rigging. What was especially complex was the auxiliary sail rig.

  5. Well done and thanks for posting.
    I was aboard the USS Olympia in 2010. At that time she needed a docking badly, but money was lacking. It was even speculated that she might sink at the quai side if she weren't docked soon. How is she doing now? Do you know?

  6. I did hear that they finally got funding for the Olympia. We need to preserve our rich heritage; USS Olympia is certainly part of it.
    Glad you like the model.

  7. Great job! Was this the same kit as the LifeLike/Pyro issue? I Visited her in the mid 1980's. Great to here she's got the funding.

  8. Robert:
    This is the Revell model. It was far superior to the Pyro/Life Like model.

  9. The Pyro kit was from the dawn of polystyrene. Good news about the funding. She looked a little ragged when I saw her.

  10. I saw some recent pix of the Olympia and she was looking good.

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