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A Few Competition Area Photos

November 11, 2017 · in Show Reports · · 17 Comments

More than 1000 entries but here are a few of Class winners, plus a few I liked that got zip.

46 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses

  1. Just ran in to Martin who says he’ll correct photo rotation issues tonight.

    • Good...I'm getting a stiff neck. 🙂

      • Yeah I know.

        Anyway, you may notice I’ve taken photos of only a few aircraft as Martin usually homes in on that area, and Boris is busy as well, I’m reliably informed, so maybe a more comprehensive selection this year. Although aircraft make up the higher proportion of modelling I think Telford is one of the few shows where there’s a much wider representation by subject. Again, if people want to see more of a particular subject I can try. But again there’s still this issue this weekend with my Apple postings for some reason.

  2. Boston tea party! Cheeky!

  3. Been watching that Spitfire racer over the last year when he posted at HyperScale. What amazing work!

  4. Seems that the predator finally hunted down all the Avengers 🙂 it was time - there are too much superhero movie out there already.

  5. Familiar car on entry 300 which won commended. Very good modellingfriend of me. Quality on the contest is extreme high. So many wonderful things to see. Thanks for sharing Rob.

  6. Superhero models speak to the current generation of modelers or pop culture. Star Wars (The Disney Brand) is next in line. You can blame Disney for all the product tie ins and goofy stuff that comes with movies. They where/our the pioneers advertising. The "Best Generation" is fading fast and Boomers who remember them and Vietnam are starting to fade...everybody had a aunt or uncle or their dad was in the war. Not anymore.

    • Stephen, what a sense of ennui you’ve added to the thread...

      • I know. Comic book characters don't do it for me. Read Ga'bor Szabo' comments... there is too much hype and no history with the some of these movies . Thor's hammer and the Hulk doesn't compare to the real super hero's Stanford Tuck, Douglas Bader and Alan Deere. Didn't mean to hit a Thor spot with the thread.

  7. Love the Boston Tea Party cup! Simple yet very creative!


  8. Thanks for posting these, Rob, you've given us a real flavour of what this show is about.

  9. Thanks Rob, reminds me of how much I enjoyed experincing the IPMS 50th Anniversary at Telford for my first and only, so far, trip to England.
    Hopefully I will visit again one of these years.

  10. Thank you for posting a picture of my Porsche917/10. Very pleased to get a silver. Thinking about next year...

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