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Bandai 1/12 Kylo Ren

This was a fun build. Bandai have kept trying new ways to do capes. Ren's is a soft flexible material that holds really good surface detail. I sprayed it black. Bandai kits are coloured right out of the box but they look a lot better if you paint them. Even painting them the same colour makes them look better. sprayed silver for his mask. Black/grey most elsewhere. He doesn't have a big colour pallet.

My first totally completed of 2018

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  1. Not my 'forte', but a nice lookin' rendition all the same.

  2. Very nice indeed Aaron. R2D2 next?

  3. I love it! Keep up the great work.

  4. Unusual model. If you want to make the model a bit more visual interesting you may try dry brushing some bits using slightly lighter shades of "black" to give some depth to detailing.

  5. I'm afraid that Sci Fi isn't my thing, although I was a fan of the early Dr Who programmes. Whatever, I can appreciate the work and effort put into this model, thanks for sharing with us.

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